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Analysis of consumer behavior in beer industry

Analysis of Consumption Behavior in Beer Industry (Part 1)

As a professional brewing equipment manufacturer, research and exploration of global market investment is essential. From the original Sumerian beer to today’s craft beer, beer has become the world’s most popular alcoholic beverage. With the continuous improvement and innovation of raw materials, brewing process, stability, properties, and flavors, the consumer market has also evolved into

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How to judge the quality of beer equipment

how to judge the quality of beer equipment

When it comes to the manufacture of beer, how to judge the quality of beer equipment? There is a lot of work to be done. From the equipment used in the manufacturing process to the actual ingredients, many factors can affect the finished product. Compared with industrial beer, craft beer has a more refined and

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How to Brew Beer

How to brew beer

The brewing process is divided into three stages, wort making, fermentation, and packaging. The main material for brewing beer is barley, which is transformed into mellow beer through saccharification, fermentation, and filtration. Wort making is the hardest step for a brewer, as brewer’s yeast needs to provide the perfect solution to turn it into a

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Wort boiling technology

Wort Boiling Technology

Wort boiling is a key step in the beer brewing process. This process has a significant impact on the properties of the final product.The wort boiling operation technology involves many issues such as boiling time, boiling strength, hop addition, additives, wort concentration, pH value, and the composition of the finalized wort. Wort Boiling Technology Boiling

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The correct cleaning method of craft beer brewing equipment

The correct cleaning method of craft beer brewing equipment

In the context of the saturated mass beer, the craft beer market is being favored by more and more people. Craft beer is growing and gaining more recognition. And more and more people are engaged in the craft beer business. To become a qualified brewer, you must understand craft beer brewing equipment. Also to being

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What are the common types of dark beer

what are the common types of dark beer

Of all the alcoholic beverages left in the world, beer is by far the most well-known and consumed, second only to water and tea. While many different styles of regional beers fall into different categories, those who are connoisseurs of beer consider stout to be one of the tastiest. When we say dark beer, people

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The effect of fermentation on beer flavor

The effect of fermentation on beer flavor (1)

As a brewer who wants to start a brewery, it is important to understand the impact of fermentation on the flavor of the beer. Most brewers know that fermentation temperature affects the aroma of beer. Through the fermentation of different yeasts under different environmental conditions, rich fermentation flavors are produced, such as esters, phenols, and

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Pollution source and control strategy in the beer brewing process

Pollution source and control strategy in the beer brewing process

Brewing process hygiene plays a key role in the production of high-quality beer. Understanding the microorganisms found in the brewery environment and controlling microbial contamination are both essential to preventing microbial spoilage of beer. Many common odors stem from contamination by wild yeast or bacteria that can grow in any small nook or cranny.So most

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Craft Beer Equipment Purpose of Saccharification

Craft Beer Equipment – Purpose of Saccharification

When you plan to build your own brewery, there are many factors that should be considered, such as brewery technology, brewery configuration, brewery costs and prices, licensing and regulation, etc. There are three important dissolution and transformation processes in the production of brewing equipment, germination-mash-fermentation, and saccharification plays a crucial role. Today, the engineers of

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