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Beer fermentation process

Beer fermentation process

Fermentation is the process by which yeast converts the glucose in the wort into ethanol and carbon dioxide gas. Fermentation provides the alcohol content and carbonation of the beer. Before fermentation begins, the cooled wort needs to be transferred to a container with yeast added. Fermentation is usually divided into three stages: primary, secondary, and

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What are the types of brewhouse

What are the types of brewhouse?

The brewhouse is the most complex and most varied part of the brewery equipment. The brewhouse system in a craft brewery is mainly composed of four parts: mash tank, Lauter tank, kettle tank, and whirlpool tank. According to different needs, the brewhouse system has different combinations. After that, the brewhouse system can match and combine

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What are the classifications of yeast

What are the classifications of yeast?

Although the brewhouse makes wort, it is the yeast that converts wort into beer. Yeast, a fascinating microorganism, has a huge impact on beer brewing. Yeast plays a key role in the unique aroma and flavor of beer and brewing, forming a variety of impressive and unique beer flavors. Without the metabolism of yeast cells,

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How to choose brewing equipment

How to choose brewing equipment?

You have acquired a production space, and you are finally ready to invest in a brewing system. But, one question remains: “How to choose brewing equipment?” Depending on the required output and the type of beer brewed, craft breweries have different sizes of brewing systems and brewery tanks. The following guide will help you choose

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Introduction to hops-a beginner's guide to brewing beer

Introduction to hops-a beginner’s guide to brewing beer

Introduction to hops-a beginner’s guide to brewing beer Hops are the green, cone-shaped flowers of the female hop plant, also known by its scientific name Humulus lupulus. Hops play a vital role in the beer brewing process and also affect the flavor of the finished beer. Hops are rich in alpha acids, which are the

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Setting Up a Nano brewery

Setting up a nano-brewery

The term “nano-brewery” corresponds to a relatively new term in the craft brewing industry. It is based on the “micro” prefix in satellite breweries and uses a smaller unit in the metric system to represent very small breweries. Although speaking, nano breweries are not necessarily 1,000 times smaller than microbreweries. In any case, this word

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What is the difference between various types of breweries

What is the difference between various types of breweries?

When discussing craft beer and micro-brewed beer, they have similarities, but there are also differences. Different people have different understandings of terms because they are too confusing. However, Micet Craft hopes to help craft beer lovers to distinguish them here. What is the difference between various types of breweries? Microbrewery The microbrewery is classified according

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What are fermentation tanks

What are fermentation tanks?

Fermentation tanks are also called fermentation vessels, which store wort and ferment the wort into beer. Even in the humblest home-based brewery, the fermentation tank is an essential part. Almost any container that can hold liquid can become a potential fermenter.Using different yeasts in the fermentor can ferment different products. Using brewer’s yeast can ferment

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How to choose brewery equipment

How to choose brewery equipment?

When deciding to open a brewery, in addition to considering the location and operating permit. You also need to consider what kind of brewery equipment to buy. There are many factors to consider when purchasing brewery equipment. Such as size, the number of vessels, heating sources, wort cooling, and other issues. The beer equipment mainly

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