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The fermentation tank is where the beer carry out the fermentation process, it provides a place suitable for life activities and metabolism for microorganisms. To adapt to the use of different sizes of breweries, Micet Craft produced a variety of sizes and specifications of fermentation tanks. Customers can choose the most suitable fermentation tank according to their needs. As there are many types of beverages that need to be fermented, there are also many types of fermenters. Currently, Micet Craft has a lot of experience in the production of beer, wine, cider, and kombucha fermentation vessel, our engineers can also customize the design of fermenters according to your requirements.
beer fermentation tank

Beer Fermentation Tank

Previous Next BEER FERMENTATION TANK The Beer fermentation tank is a place where beer fermented. Micet Craft can customize beer fermentation tank of different specifications according to needs. Beer fermentation

Conical Fermenters

Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter

Previous Next STAINLESS STEEL CONICAL FERMENTER Conical fermenters are machines used for microbial fermentation. It is generally a cylindrical vessel made of stainless steel or copper plates. The volume of

Frequently asked questions about fermentation vessel

The fermentation tank is a container used to hold wort and ferment the wort into beer. It can be a tank, barrel, or other containers, also known as a fermentation vessel or FV. Even the most humble home brewery, the fermentation tank is an essential part. Over time, fermentation tanks are constantly changing, because almost everything that can hold liquid can become a potential fermentation tank.
Fermentation is the process by which yeast converts the glucose in the wort into ethanol and carbon dioxide gas, which is also the process of providing alcohol content and carbonation for beer. To start the fermentation process, the wort needs to be transferred to a fermenter with yeast added. After the yeast multiplies and starts life activities, fermentation begins. When the fermentation is nearing completion, most of the yeast will settle to the bottom of the fermenter.

Micet Craft provides customers with fermentation vessels of various sizes (1bbl-600bbl), and also provides a variety of options for each fermentation tank, such as the top or side shadowless manholes. The height of the fermentation vessel can also be customized. We will provide you with a customized design according to the height you need.

The price of the fermentation tank is determined by the capacity and optional accessories. Micet Craft produces fermentation tanks of various sizes, which are mainly used in breweries. The price of the jacketed 1BBL fermenter is less than 1,500 US dollars, while the price of the jacketed 7BBL fermenter is less than 4,000 US dollars. The price of Micet Craft is very competitive.
Before the raw materials enter the factory, the engineers will inspect the raw materials, and the production will be carried out after the inspection passes. Every fermenter produced by Micet Craft undergoes a 48-hour pressure test, and the test results are reflected in the test report.
Fermentation tanks can be made of metal, plastic, and other materials, but in commercial breweries, stainless steel is used as the production material for fermentation tanks. This is because stainless steel will provide a clean surface for the fermentation of beer, and stainless steel will not react with any components in the wort and will not cause a metallic taste. Try to avoid fermenting tanks made of metals such as cast iron, copper, aluminum, and tin. These metals will react with the acid in the wort, causing the beer to produce strange flavors or cause color changes.
Conical fermentation tanks are standard equipment for beer brewing. The use of a conical fermentation tank can easily collect yeast through the drain valve and reuse it. Beer can also be aged in a conical container without putting it in an auxiliary container (only the yeast and lees need to be poured). In addition, the brewer can also transfer the beer to a bright tank by gravity.
In the finished beer, oxygen will destroy the beer flavor and clarity, and cause various peculiar smells. However, oxygen is a good thing before fermentation begins. During the fermentation process, oxygen is needed for the yeast to grow healthily, which is why many brewers aerate the beer before adding the yeast. In the early stage of yeast growth, the yeast will clear all the oxygen in the beer and use it to reproduce. When the fermentation process begins, oxygen is considered a pollutant.
The number of fermentation tanks required is determined by the brewing process and the brewing batch. Different brewing processes require different numbers of fermentation tanks. You need to configure it with your brewing process. If you don’t know how many fermenters you need, you can contact us. The engineers at Micet Craft are happy to help you.

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