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¿Habrá escasez de cerveza?

If you like to drink and go to the local pub, there is some bad news for you. Short-term beer shortages are likely, which will send beer prices soaring. Wondering what’s causing it? Let’s take a look with micet.
As reported, carbon dioxide, a key ingredient needed for brewing, is facing supply constraints. This could lead to a looming shortage of beer, or higher prices. This lack of available carbon dioxide is known in the beer industry as “CO2 tightness”.

Which brewers are most affected by CO2 shortages?

Large breweries have the money to buy and supply in bulk. But big brewers also have technological solutions that smaller brewers don’t. The process of brewing beer itself also produces carbon dioxide, which big brewers can capture and reuse with the right machinery. Small breweries often do not have the capital needed to buy such equipment.

what will happen to your beer

Beer brewed by small craft brewers may become unavailable because it cannot be produced. Beer prices are likely to rise everywhere until CO2 shortages are brought under control.
Get a turnkey solution for craft breweries

If you are ready to open a craft brewery, you can contact us. Micet Craft’s engineers will provide you with a list of craft brewery equipment and related prices. Of course, we can also provide you with professional turnkey brewery solutions, allowing you more time to focus on brewing delicious beer. Micet Craft very much hope to cooperate with you, my friend!

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