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Beer Brewery Equipment Manufacturer

The brewing supplies provided by Micet Craft can support your brewing needs from small batches of micro beer brewing equipment to 100 barrels capacity. Micet Craft has reached cooperation with many breweries around the world, we can design and manufacture professional brewing systems for breweries, including cellar beer brewing equipment and other complex breweries. Micet Craft has decades of experience in beer brewing, manufacturing sanitary stainless steel systems, and integrated automation and control systems.
Microbrewery Equipment

Microbrewery Equipment

MICROBREWERY EQUIPMENT Micet Craft is a professional manufacturer of microbrewery equipment, we have provided micro and industrial brewing equipment for many breweries worldwide. The microbrewery equipment is heart of brewery

300L brewhouse equipment

NanoBrewery Equipment

Nanobrewery equipment manufacturer Micet Craft is a professional manufacturer of nanobrewery equipment. If you’re aspiring to go pro winemaker, a nano brewery is the most affordable way. The capacity of

commercial brewery equipment

Commercial Brewery Equipment

Commercial brewery equipment Micet Craft has decades of experience in commercial brewery equipment manufacturing. We cooperate with many breweries, this includes designing and manufacturing customed commercial brewery equipment, cellars equipment, including

100L homebrewery equipment

100L Brewery Equipment

Previous slide Next slide This 100L brewery equipment is specially designed for craft brewers and homebrewers. It is suitable for small brewers who have experience in simple home brewing and

200L micro brewing equipment shipped to Germany

200L Brewery Equipment

Previous slide Next slide The 200l brewery equipment manufactured by Micet Craft is a set of professional brewing equipment used to produce craft beer. It is not profitable to brew

300l brewhouse

300L Brewery Equipment

Previous slide Next slide The 300l brewery equipment is a kind of nano brewing equipment that produces craft beer between home brewing and micro brewing equipment according to the capacity.

500L brewhouse

500L Brewery Equipment

Previous slide Next slide This 500l brewery equipment is a fully automatic control system, usually used in an independently owned microbrewery that is much smaller than large breweries. This type

700l brewery equipment-4

700L Brewery Equipment

Slide HeadingLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.Click Here Previous slide Next slide 700l brewery equipment consists of a

800L Brewery Equipment

Previous slide Next slide The 800l brewery equipment uses food-grade 304/316 stainless steel as raw materials and is manufactured through high-precision manufacturing technology. Each tank in the equipment will undergo

France 1000L equipment2

1000L Brewery Equipment

Previous slide Next slide The 1000l brewery equipment is a more better choice to open your own brewery. It supports you to brew 1000l of wort each time. 1000l brewery

1500L Microbrewery Equipment

Previous Next The 1500l microbrewery equipment is made of high-quality 304/316 stainless steel. Generally, it is suitable for use in a microbrewery that is smaller in scale than large breweries

quality brewing equipment

2000L Brewery Equipment

Previous slide Next slide 2000l brewhouse equipment is a kind of equipment used in restaurants, commercial and industrial breweries. Micet Craft can choose food-grade 304/316 stainless steel or copper as

What Equipment Needed To Start a Brewery?

For a loyal beer lover, starting your own brewery may be the ultimate dream. The process from a small home brewing beer business to a mature commercial brewing beer is a challenge. Any business idea requires a lot of planning, money, and perseverance to complete. Starting a brewery requires commercial equipment, which price determined by the size of the brewery. The greater the output of the brewery, the greater the capacity of beer equipment required. You also need to master the professional knowledge of brewing beer. Of course, legal and licensing issues need to consider.
10bbl conical fermenter

Fermentation Tank

China stainless steel fermentation vessels manufacturer The fermentation tank is where the beer carry out the fermentation process, it provides a place suitable for life activities and metabolism for microorganisms.

10BBL Bright Tank-3

Bright Beer Tank

Professional bright Beer tank manufacturer from China The bright tank is a vessel for storing and carbonated beer, it is also called the brite tank. The bright tank is an

8bbl fermenter1

Brewing Equipment

China brewing equipment manufacturer and suppliers Micet Craft has cooperated with breweries in many countries around the world to provide them with brewing equipment. We provide customers with turnkey brewery

Can regular dish soap be used to clean brewery equipment?

Brewhouse Equipment

Best brewhouse equipment manufacturer from china Brewing good beer requires brewhouse equipment. Whether you are brewing beer for home, business or brewery, Micet Craft can provide a turnkey solution according

bottle filling machine

Beer Filling Machine

Professional beer filling machine manufacturer Beer filling machine is the core equipment of the beer production line. Our beer filling system uses stainless steel as the production material. Stainless steel


Beer Brewing System

Best beer brewing system manufacturer from china Micet Craft is a professional beer brewing system manufacturer in China. We mainly produce high-end customized turnkey brewing systems. Whether you are planning

Frequently asked questions

Most start-up microbreweries will set the size of the brewery to 10-30 barrels (1 barrel = 31.5 gallons = 2 big kegs = 240 pints of beer) and will have fermentation tanks and bright tanks of the same size. For new breweries whose sales and growth cannot be determined, adjusting the size of the brewery is a good way. If you don’t have enough funds, you can also consider opening a nano brewery first. The size of a nano brewery is generally 1-10 barrels. Compared to microbrewery, the cost is lower, and buy larger capacity brewery equipment after the sales increase.

The main factor that determines the price of brewery equipment is brewery capacity, the larger the capacity, the higher the price of brewery equipment. Micet Craft can provide you with 1-80bbl brewery equipment, of which the price of 1BBL brewery equipment is about 20,000 US dollars (the price will fluctuate according to market changes, you can contact our engineers to get the accurate price). If you plan to buy a larger device, then the price will be in the range of US$100000-1000000. Of course, if your budget is very limited, you can also consider second-hand brewery equipment. But I want to tell you that the price Micet Craft provides you is very competitive, and it is not much expensive compared to second-hand brewery equipment.

Please stop using a detergent for cleaning in the brewery equipment. The detergent will leave residues in the beer equipment. It will cause irreversible damage to the beer, and produce chemicals that affect the flavor of your beer. Common cleaners for brewery equipment include bleach, caustic, and so on. You need to choose different cleaning agents according to different materials of brewing equipment.
Under normal circumstances, most of the components in the brewery are made of stainless steel, so the service life of the brewery is very long. If the equipment is properly maintained and chemicals are used carefully, the brewery equipment can be used for 20-30 years. For filling machines and labeling machines with a large number of moving components in the brewery, shorter service life and more maintenance should be considered. The specific service life of the equipment depends on the purpose of the equipment.
This is not a question that can be answered very accurately, because every brewery has different requirements. If your brewery is too small, your space will be crowded. If your space is too large, you will waste a lot of money on startup costs and the space will not be well utilized. But we can provide you with some tips: 3BBL~5BBL brewery equipment needs about 300~500 square feet, and 7BBL~15BBL brewery equipment needs about 550~1200 square feet. Of course, if you need relatively accurate numbers, you can consult our engineers.
For brewery planning, the smaller brewery of 5BBL~10BBL should consider the ceiling height of 12~15 feet in the brewhouse and fermentation tank area. If the brewery equipment container is larger, you may need additional ceiling height. Of course, Micet Craft can customize the design and manufacture of container sizes according to your requirements and conditions.
Starting a small business is already difficult, and craft breweries are highly capital-intensive businesses that require additional legal and licensing requirements. Starting a craft brewery requires not only a lot of planning but also money and patience. However, you can create your community brewery with sober planning, creative financing, and perseverance. If you need help, you can contact us and Micet Craft will provide you with the most complete turnkey solution.

Craft Brewery Project

50L home brewing equipment shipped to France

50L home brewing equipment shipped to France

The 50L home brewing equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel. Through the built-in intelligent temperature control system, it can accurately control the fermentation temperature and provide the best growth and

500L mixing tanks in UK

500L mixing tanks in UK

These are 500L mixing tanks customized for the customer to produce fruit smoothies. It has two motors and a blender according to the customer’s requirements. And the blender can scrape

500L brewing equipment in France

500L brewhouse equipment in France

500L brewhouse equipment is a key tool for brewing beer or wine, responsible for converting starch in grains into fermentable sugars. This 500L brewhouse equipment uses a gas steam generator,

Beer Brewing Technical Guide

Contact us for the brewery equipment price

We can customize the design according to your requirements. You only need to tell us your requirements, and our engineers will provide you with solutions in the shortest possible time. Of course, if you want to save your budget, you can also choose second-hand brewery equipment. We want to tell you that the price of our microbrewery equipment is competitive. So, please contact us and get a free quote.

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