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Micet Craft is a professional manufacturer of microbrewery equipment, we have provided micro and industrial brewing equipment for many breweries worldwide. The microbrewery equipment is heart of brewery equipment, it produces 15,000 barrels or less of beer every year, which can be installed in restaurants, commercial and industrial breweries..

Frequently asked questions

Firstly, you need to buy suitable microbrewery equipment, meanwhile consider the daily production volume, because this will affect the size of the microbrewery equipment.
Then, you also need to choose a hlocation for your microbrewery. The monthly rental cost depends on the location and size of the area. If the area is small, the equipment also needs to choose a small area.
Finally, you also need to apply for a brewing license. If the store needs to renovate, these will also affect your costs.
If you have an idea to complete your own microbrewery idea, please contact us. 

A completed microbrewery needs a mashing vessel, a lautering vessel, and a kettle/whirpool tank to be a brewery system. Of course, cooling, and fermentation equipment and conditioning system are also needed. The filtration system is also essential. Micet Craft can provide complete microbrewery equipment. 

The main difference between a microbrewery and a nano brewery is the production volume and the capacity of the brewery equipment. Microbrewery equipment capacity is about 30bbl to 60bbl, while nano-brewery usually uses brewery equipment of 5bbl to 10bbl. Of course, the annual output of microbreweries and nano breweries will also be quite different. Microbreweries produce about 15,000 barrels of beer per year, while nano breweries do not have an accurate definition of the number, but it will be more than that produced by microbreweries slightly less.

Microbreweries vary widely in size and, therefore, in the cost of purchasing equipment. Under normal circumstances, the price of microbrewery equipment is in the range of 30,000-80,000 US dollars. Factors that influence the cost of brewery equipment include:

  • Brewery equipment materials
  • New or used brewery equipment
  • Size of the brewery

In addition, the type of beer produced and the degree of automation required can have a large impact on the price of brewery equipment. If you are ready to cost your microbrewery equipment, our engineers provide you with the most professional proposal and quotation of microbrewery equipment.

3000l brewery equipment

3000L Brewery Equipment

Previous Next The 3000l brewery equipment can produce 3000l craft beer per brew, so it is usually used in a relatively large microbrewery or commercial brewery. These breweries distribute the

2500l brewery equipment

2500L Brewery Equipment

Previous Next The 2500l brewery equipment is made of high-quality 304/316 stainless steel through high-standard manufacturing processes. Of course, we can also choose copper as raw material production and manufacturing

2000l brewery equipment

2000L Brewery Equipment

Previous Next 2000l brewhouse equipment is a kind of equipment used in restaurants, commercial and industrial breweries. Micet Craft can choose food-grade 304/316 stainless steel or copper as raw material

1500L Microbrewery Equipment

1500L Microbrewery Equipment

Previous Next The 1500l microbrewery equipment is made of high-quality 304/316 stainless steel. Generally, it is suitable for use in a microbrewery that is smaller in scale than large breweries

1200l brewery equipment

1200L Brewery Equipment

Previous Next The 1200l brewery equipment produced by Micet Craft is the best choice for microbreweries to brew beer. Microbreweries attract consumers with their unique flavors and brewing techniques. Also

1000L Brewery Equipment

1000L Brewery Equipment

Previous Next The 1000l brewery equipment is a more better choice to open your own brewery. It supports you to brew 1000l of wort each time. 1000l brewery equipment is

800l brewery equipment

800L Brewery Equipment

Previous Next The 800l brewery equipment uses food-grade 304/316 stainless steel as raw materials and is manufactured through high-precision manufacturing technology. Each tank in the equipment will undergo a 48-hour

700l brewery equipment

700L Brewery Equipment

Previous Next 700l brewery equipment consists of a miller system, mashing system, fermentation system, cooling system, control system, and CIP system. All tanks are made of food-grade 304/316 stainless steel,

500l brewhouse equipment

500L Brewery Equipment

Previous Next This 500l brewery equipment is a fully automatic control system, usually used in an independently owned microbrewery that is much smaller than large breweries. This type of microbrewery

Craft Brewery Project

British 6600L fermentation tank completed

British 6600L fermentation tank completed

Here are two customized fermenters that we customized. If you want to add some of your own accessories to the fermenter, such as temperature and liquid level sensors, digital thermometers, etc., we can reserve ports on the fermenter, and you can install the accessories After receiving the fermenter. If you want to expand the brewery or increase the production batch, welcome to contact micet! We provide professional technical support and customized services.

10000L BBT has arrived in Australia

10000L BBT has arrived in Australia

10000L bright tanks have arrived in Australia, upscaling for the customer’s brewery.This customer needs to store a large amount of beer, so they need large-capacity tanks. We designed and produced 10000L BBts, and use a three-stage jacket to ensure enough cool capacity.

Beer Brewing Technical Guide

Advantages and disadvantages of plate heat exchangers

Advantages and disadvantages of plate heat exchangers

Plate heat exchangers come in all shapes and sizes, and they can use a variety of innovative heat transfer technologies depending on the needs of the application. Among its many advantages, three of the most important are most space savings, low environmental impact, and reduced energy and ongoing maintenance requirements.

Get Microbrewery Equipment Turnkey Solutions

Contact us for completed proposal and turnkey microbrewery equipment solutions. We can customize the full design according to your requirements. Of course, if you want to save budget, you can also choose second-hand microbrewery equipment. But our new microbrewery equipment cost is very competitive, no higher than second hand equipment.

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