Insist on craftsman spirit to fabricate high-quality brewing systems





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Micet Craft is a manufacturer of high-end brewery equipment in China. We provide professional brewery equipment to the world.
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Quality is the endorsement of the product. Customer service first and supreme. Work rigorously and honestly. Act in a practical and steady fashion. Constantly strive for the perfect product.
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Insist on craftsman spirit to fabricate high-quality brewing systems. Lead the brewing industry with an innovative spirit. To be the world's top efficient and intelligent brewing equipment manufacturer.
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Micet Craft is a manufacturer of brewery equipment from China. We provide turnkey solutions for Brewing Equipment all over the world. We have installed complete turnkey solutions in more than 40 countries.Micet Craft is a national high-tech enterprise that represents the higher honor of scientific and technological strength. Micet always adheres to the spirit of the craftsman (quality), elite culture (talent), and innovation consciousness as the competitiveness of enterprise development. “Superior skills, no best only better” MICET’s excellent technicians are committed to innovating perfect intelligent and automatic solutions of customized brewery equipment and provide turnkey services from design, production, and on-site service for global customers.

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All over the World
1500L kombucha equipment in Norway-1

1500L Kombucha Equipment

KOMBUCHA FERMENTER Kombucha Fermenter has been making waves as the latest go-to health beverage, which is made by fermenting sweetened tea with starter kombucha and Scoby, or symbiotic colony of

200L kombucha equipment in France

200L Kombucha Equipment In France

Kombucha Fermenter has been making waves as the latest go-to health beverage, which is made by fermenting sweetened tea with starter kombucha and Scoby, or symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast.

1000L kombucha equipment in France

KOMBUCHA FERMENTER 1000L Kombucha fermenter has been making waves as the latest go-to health beverage, which is made by fermenting sweetened tea with starter kombucha and Scoby, or symbiotic colony

1000L brewing equipment installed in France

1000L brewing equipment in France

1000L 3 Vessel Beer Brewing Equipment is a brewery for restaurants, commecial and industrial breweries which consist of the industrial wort brew machine and a fully equipped set of the

Our advantage


Our factory has a strict quality control system. Each of the shipments of our order will have 5 inspection steps from materials checking, production process, jacket pressure testing, equipment packing, and loading, finished product leaking testing, etc. When there are any problems, it’s easier to keep a record and solve the issues quickly. Every one of our tanks will have a data plate with the pressure testing record and serial numbers to track.


The shipping department will work out the checking list and pack them in a wooden box, you will receive a checking list with everything we shipped. All tank ports with a plastic cover to prevent dust; Tanks on cradle must be secured with bolts. The cradle and tanks will be fixed inside the container by bolts and steel wires. After shipping, we will have the completed loading pictures and checking list with all parts pictures provided.


We have a standard and perfect after-sales service process. Firstly our goal is to make sure the quality in advance to save after-sale time, meanwhile, if any issues happen, we use the fastest efficiency to solve for customers, no matter sending replacement or repair cost. We have a special after-sale group responsible for this after-sale work online, solves issues, and sends things clients need directly.
What equipment does the brewery have

what equipment does the brewery have

The main body of the equipment includes a brewhouse (two tank three vessel), fermentation system (6pcs fermentation tanks), filtration system, CIP washing system, power distribution, and constant temperature control system, refrigeration system,

beer fermentation tank

beer fermentation tank

After adding yeast to cooled wort, fermentation begins, Yeast begins to respire under oxygenated conditions, using amino acids in wort as nitrogen source and fermentable sugars as main carbon source. And

Selection of fermenters in craft beer equipment

selection of fermenters in craft beer equipment

Beer is fermented in traditional open fermentation tanks, usually called pre-fermentation. Post-fermentation takes place in a closed fermenter, called post-fermentation. Due to the miniaturization of the equipment and the limitation

Fully automatic brewing system

fully automatic brewing system

There are more and more options for automated brewing systems on the market. MICET’s range of Intelligent Design, ease of use and customizability will make brewing super fun and efficient.

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If you are interested in turnkey brewery projects, please feel free to contact us! You can contact us in any way that is convenient for you. We are available 24/7 via fax or email. You can also use a quick contact form below or visit our office. We would be happy to answer your questions.
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