Insist on craftsman spirit to fabricate high-quality brewing systems





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Micet Craft is a manufacturer of high-end brewery equipment in China. We provide professional brewery equipment to the world.
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Quality is the endorsement of the product. Customer service first and supreme. Work rigorously and honestly. Act in a practical and steady fashion. Constantly strive for the perfect product.
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Insist on craftsman spirit to fabricate high-quality brewing systems. Lead the brewing industry with an innovative spirit. To be the world's top efficient and intelligent brewing equipment manufacturer.
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Micet Craft is a manufacturer of brewery equipment from China. We provide turnkey solutions for Brewing Equipment all over the world. We have installed complete turnkey solutions in more than 40 countries.Micet Craft is a national high-tech enterprise that represents the higher honor of scientific and technological strength. Micet always adheres to the spirit of the craftsman (quality), elite culture (talent), and innovation consciousness as the competitiveness of enterprise development. “Superior skills, no best only better” MICET’s excellent technicians are committed to innovating perfect intelligent and automatic solutions of customized brewery equipment and provide turnkey services from design, production, and on-site service for global customers.

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All over the World
100L home brewing equipment waiting to be shipped to Australia

100L home brewing equipment waiting to be shipped to Australia

Some bright tanks and one set homebrewery system is ready to Australia.This project adopts the integration of 100L mashing system, with 2 fermentation tanks with an effective volume of 100L.As an excellent manufacturer of home beer brewery equipment in China, we have developed and designed the miniature brewing beer equipment for home brewers based on the advanced technology of Germany.We create new and unexpected possibilities, providing customized solutions for your future! MICET, your reliable partner of brewing equipment.

20bbl craft brewing equipment

Thailand 100L home brewing equipment

For a 100L home brewing system, we will connect all the pipes and valves and connect the wiring in the control cabinet. After receiving it, the customer only needs to connect the power and water source to use it, and the installation operation is simple. 100L is very suitable for home brewing and small bars. It is simple to operate and produces more delicious beer.

15bbl beer brewing equipment

Belgium 500L brewing equipment completed

Micet According to customer requirements, there is an independent 1000L tank on the left side of the brewery, equipped with two heat exchangers (4㎡ double plate heat exchanger + 3㎡

British 6600L fermentation tank completed

British 6600L fermentation tank completed

Here are two customized fermenters that we customized. If you want to add some of your own accessories to the fermenter, such as temperature and liquid level sensors, digital thermometers, etc., we can reserve ports on the fermenter, and you can install the accessories After receiving the fermenter. If you want to expand the brewery or increase the production batch, welcome to contact micet! We provide professional technical support and customized services.

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Our factory has a strict quality control system. Each of the shipments of our order will have 5 inspection steps from materials checking, production process, jacket pressure testing, equipment packing, and loading, finished product leaking testing, etc. When there are any problems, it’s easier to keep a record and solve the issues quickly. Every one of our tanks will have a data plate with the pressure testing record and serial numbers to track.


The shipping department will work out the checking list and pack them in a wooden box, you will receive a checking list with everything we shipped. All tank ports with a plastic cover to prevent dust; Tanks on cradle must be secured with bolts. The cradle and tanks will be fixed inside the container by bolts and steel wires. After shipping, we will have the completed loading pictures and checking list with all parts pictures provided.


We have a standard and perfect after-sales service process. Firstly our goal is to make sure the quality in advance to save after-sale time, meanwhile, if any issues happen, we use the fastest efficiency to solve for customers, no matter sending replacement or repair cost. We have a special after-sale group responsible for this after-sale work online, solves issues, and sends things clients need directly.
What equipment is needed for quality control and laboratory testing in breweries?

What equipment is needed for quality control and laboratory testing in breweries?

Quality control and lab testing are paramount in the brewing industry to ensure that every batch of beer meets the high standards expected by consumers. A critical aspect of maintaining quality is having the right equipment for accurate analysis and monitoring throughout the brewing process. In this article, we will delve into the essential equipment needed for quality control and lab testing in a brewery.

How does a hop cannon work, and why is it used in some breweries?

How does a hop cannon work, and why is it used in some breweries?

In the world of craft brewing, innovation knows no bounds. Among the many tools and techniques that brewers employ to create unique and flavorful beers, the hop cannon stands out as a fascinating piece of equipment. In this article, we will explore how a hop cannon works and why it finds a valuable place in the arsenal of some breweries.

20bbl craft brewing equipment

20bbl Craft Brewing Equipment Guide

Craft brewing has exploded in popularity in recent years, with more and more small breweries opening up to meet the growing demand for unique, quality beers. For many startup craft

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