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Beer Bottle Filling Machine

Glass bottles are the most common way of packaging beer. Micet Craft has a complete brewery production line. We can provide you with high-quality beer bottle filling machines. It can fill beer into glass bottles. Also, we have optimized the beer bottle filling machine. So it can integrate into the production lines of a large brewery, microbrewery, and nano-brewery.

The machine is suitable for filling beer, cider, sparkling wine, kombucha, and carbonated soft drinks and it features our new EPV (Electro-Pneumatic Valve) technology. The EPV valve allows total flexibility in adjusting the filling cycle by adapting the vacuum filling and degassing timings to the necessity of each different carbonated drink via a color touchscreen HMI control panel.

Beer Bottle Filling Machine Advantages

  • The beer bottle filling machine adopts PLC automatic control. All parameters can control on the control panel. The filling and sealing process can complete at one time.
  • We use an equal pressure filling method. Because it has a unique pressure retention system. So its performance is reliable and beer loss is minimal.
  • We can help you customize the machine. We can provide you with glass bottle filling and stainless steel bottle filling equipment. Of course, the sealing function can also add.
  • Our machine can vacuum twice and filled with carbon dioxide twice. This can cut the amount of oxygen dissolved and ensure the taste of beer.

Features Of Beer Filling Machine

  1. It fills both glass bottles and aluminum cans. Pretty much a first in the industry!
  2. It delivers Low TPO levels thanks to a new high-performance vacuum pump.
  3. A single high-output filling tank ensures constant product filling levels at top speed.
  4. User-friendly Omron 7” color HMI touchscreen control panel & PLC.
  5. IoT Smart Device: Full internet connection available as an option for remote technical diagnosis and assistance.
  6. Integral Brushless electronic came operations for more accurate positioning of bottles and faster servicing.

Beer Bottle Filling Machine Specification

  • Equipment Outer Dimensions: 1800*800*2200mm
  • Net Weight: 300KG
  • Production Capacity: 300-600 bottles/h
  • Applicable Bottles: 330ml-2L bottles
  • Working Stations: 4-10
  • Power Supply Voltage: AC 220V  50HZ (Customized)
  • Working process: Fix the bottles–co2 purge—- isobaric——filling– pressure stabilization–pressure relief–stop–move the bottles to the capping stations–capping–take the bottle

Beer Filling Machine Details

beer bottle filling machine detail
beer bottle filling machine detail-1

Provide beer bottle filling machine solutions

We can provide automated turnkey beer filling solutions. If you want more information and the latest quotation, please contact us. Our engineer will reply to you within 24 hours.

Contact Micet Craft

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “”. 

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