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Beer filling machine is the core equipment of the beer production line. Our beer filling system uses stainless steel as the production material. Stainless steel is not easy to wear, and it is easy to clean. Micet Craft provides you with a cheap and efficient way of filling beer. We can provide 4-head, 6-head, or 8-head beer filling equipment. This equipment is used in microbreweries, nano-brewery, and large breweries.

Beer filling machines can be divided into bottle filling machines, can filling machines, and keg filling machines. These beer filling machines can also be used to bottle various sparkling wines and sodas. For example beer, cider, kombucha, carbonated drinks.

Our beer filling machine adopts best German technology and the latest industrial production technology. It adopts the vacuum filing method. We can customize with twice vacuum to reduce oxygen content according to the client’s actual request.

keg filling machine

Beer Keg Filling Machine

Previous Next BEER KEG FILLING MACHINE Micet Craft can provide you with automatic or semi-automatic Beer keg filling machines. Kegs are the most convenient way to store and transport beer.

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Beer Bottle Filling Machine

Previous Next Beer Bottle Filling Machine Glass bottles are the most common way of packaging beer. Micet Craft has a complete brewery production line. We can provide you with high-quality

beer can filling machine

Beer Can Filling Machine

Previous Next Beer Can Filling Machine MicetCraft offers Beer Can Filling Machine. Packaging beer in cans has been a growing trend because of the shift from on-premise retail channels (bars and

Frequently Asked Questions

The clean bottles were cleaned by the bottle washer sent to the filling machine through a conveyor belt. There are special infrared sensors on the conveyor belt to receive induction. When the bottle reaches a certain number, the bottle behind will jam. After filling the front bottle, let the back bottle fill the empty space. In this way, the accuracy of packaging and filling can achieve. When the bottle enters below the filling head, other devices stop and only the filling head works. When the filling is finished, the filling head stops working. The conveyor belt sends out the bottles that have been filled. This completes the filling of beer. During the alcohol fermentation process, carbon dioxide gas will take away some alcohol. So, to recover alcohol, the equipment will adopt a closed-form.
The guarantee of choosing a suitable beer filling machine to improve production efficiency. Usually, we have to try our best to choose a beer filling machine with good quality and high efficiency. Below we will explain what you need to pay attention to when choosing a filling machine.
Serving the production process
First of all, a suitable beer filling machine should select according to the nature of the filled beer. Only in this way can the production process requirements be met. The properties of beer include viscosity, foaming, volatility, and gas content. Also, the filling capacity of the filling machine needs to match the beer production speed.
Productivity and equipment quality
The level of productivity reflects the production capacity of the production line. So, the higher the productivity, the better the economic benefits it produces. To improve product quality, a filling machine with high equipment precision and a high degree of automation should select. But the price of the equipment will also increase. So, it is necessary to select the most suitable equipment based on the requirements of the production process.
When talking about the cost of a beer filling machine, it depends on how big the machine you are looking for. The price of some smaller machines may range from US$1500 to US$2500. These are machines with low filling efficiency and are a very good choice for small breweries that do not have large production needs. Depending on the needs of the brewery, the price of a larger filling machine may range from US$8,000 to US$100,000.
Canned beer has often been criticized in the past, which is related to the possession of the cheaper, more chewy beer. But in fact, canned beer is fresher and tastes better than bottled beer. This is because cans can lock the taste of beer and block light, the main enemy of beer. Sunlight will make beer sour or deteriorate faster. Although beer will eventually lose its freshness, the use of cans for packaging can maintain freshness for a longer period than bottled beer. This is why more and more high-end beer is packaged in cans.

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If you are looking for a turnkey filling solution for a brewery, you can contact us. Our engineers can provide professional turnkey solutions for your brewery bottling, which includes the design, layout, installation, and commissioning of the brewery bottling production line.

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