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MICET Service for Brewery Plants

Technical Support

MICET local distributor will provide technical support, site survey, brewery R&PID process, brewery space layout design in 3D plant and CAD drawing and also turnkey brewery services.
MICET will provide full Beer Brewing Equipment service including the whole brewing flow chart diagram, tanks assembling drawing, the floor plan blueprint, the electrical diagram.

Professional Brewery Projects Solution

From different customer production requirements, brewing characteristics, budget, and space, MICET technical engineers will provide professional proposal solutions, layout, and brewery equipment design accordingly. MICET salesperson is very experienced and understands clearly about different country brewing methods.

Installation & Debugging

  • MICET provide installation and debugging service at a service fee perday;
  • MICET factory marks all piping with numbers, solve any questions during your installation.
  • MICET technician will train the brewer to produce qualified craft beer.
  • MICET provides installation and maintenance manual book, piping installing layout.
  • Before the Micet engineer arrives at the installation site, the customer needs to prepare the power and water sources for the site. The engineer is responsible for installing the control cabinet to the equipment, boilers, refrigeration power, and all the pipes of the entire set equipment. In addition, cable trays, plumbing works, civil engineering, perforated plates, etc. need to be installed by the customer.
  • If the customer does not need our technician’s installation, we will also provide the installation diagrams, instructions to help them install by themselves.

After-sales support

  • Sales & engineers could be keeping 24hours online for service;
  • MICET provides a 3-year warranty on tanks sold with manufacturing defects from the factory. MICET provides a 1-year warranty on tank accessories;
  • Any extra spare parts required, send and delivery immediately. We have a special after-sale group to be responsible for this after-sale work online, solves issues, and sends things clients needed directly.

Raw Materials & Recipes Supply

MICET established long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign raw material manufacturers to provide high-quality beer production raw materials for a long time, abroad brand and domestic beer raw materials, malt, hops, yeast.
Beer recipes including Lager, Ale, Stout, Draft/Draught, IPA, whole wheat beer, Fujia white beer, and other 50 kinds of beer.

Spare Parts

MICET provides the spare parts for the installed projects’ long life. MICET distributor sets up regional service to provide our customers with professional service that includes spare parts supply, equipment maintenance, renovation, and relocation.

Why choose Micet? Innovation for Everyone

MICET Attitude

MICET: “Innovative & Craft Brewing Equipment” can be broken down to; “M” in Chinese means “perfect”, ”I” is Innovation and “ C” is craftsmanship. Our quality-driven approach at MICET has formed our business concept for our company and corporate culture. MICET always adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship (quality), culture (talent), and innovation consciousness (research and development) as the main driving force of our enterprise development. Micet’s main business model is to build a distribution and partnership system and dedicated serving for the global brewing market, The core business principle is to form long-term cooperation and trust relations with agents and distributors through the best service and customer feedback, maximize the customer’s good experience and finally achieve a win-win relationship.


The Owner of MICET with 11 years of international sales experience understands the needs of clients from different countries. Being trustworthy, valuing quality and turnkey brewery services, and making sure clients are satisfied with the equipment delivered have placed MICET in the top tier of equipment manufacturing.

Our Production Director has 11 years of experience in equipment production with excellent communication skills, workshop management, and quality control Mr. Fan ensures that all equipment leaving the factory adheres to the highest quality.

Our Quality Inspector has 8 years of experience with production process control, testing, inspection, shipping safety, and making sure that all the equipment leaves the factory and arrives in our clients in perfect condition.

Our Design Technician is a design engineer graduating from brewing university with 8 years experience in designing CAD, 3D, and equipment design.
Our After-Sales Engineers has been working on equipment installation for 9 years in China & abroad.

Our Purchase Engineer’s experiences with installation, brewing, and designing allow for MICET to find all solutions. MICET provides professional engineers for installation and after-sale all over the world depending on our clients’ needs.

Strict Quality Control

MICET factory adopts 5S management, professional and strict inspection and testing process, we will have at least 4 times inspection for each order, including materials come in inspection, production process control finished production inspection and full line testing and inspection before shipping to ensure the final product will meet client’s requirement. Each order will equip with the full process inspection record together with the shipping. Our goal is to mostly control the quality to reduce client’s trouble even good after-sale!

Products Workmanship

MICET is doing brand line, so everything in the configuration is in high Standard design, global brand components, fittings, valves, electronics, etc., Our welding is all full welding by water, uniform dimpled steam and cooling jacket to ensure no leaking and long life, all welds undergo welds passivation! Our polishing is overall mirror polishing without any welds left.


MICET provides a 3 years warranty on tanks sold without manufacturing defects from the factory.  MICET does not cover damage to tanks from unloading of tanks at customer site, damage resulting from improper use of tanks for products other than beer or appropriate beverage, damage from exceeding designed tanks pressure. MICET provides a 1-year warranty on auxiliaries and accessories provided they are used under the scope not exceeding pressures, temperatures, or improper handling.


MICET factory covers 5000m², with 3 different production areas, parts & components area, receiving dock & inspection, cutting, welding & polishing area along with our finished product display area. Our production machinery includes plasma cutting machines, plate rolling machines, cone rolling machines, shearing machines, polishing machines, bending machines, threading machines, and all the necessary components to produce world-class equipment. Our products are exported to more than 30 countries in the world.

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