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Micet, short name of Innovative & Craft Brewing Equipment which is a world-renowned high-end customized brewing equipment brand. “M” is a Chinese name, which means “perfect”. “I” is Innovation. “C” is craftsmanship. With these points and elite culture, sharing & learning spirit formed the business concept of our company and integrated into our corporate culture. Micet has firstly proposed the concept of intelligent equipment, innovate and research from the intelligent control HMI, etc. Micet is on its way to being a global bench-marking brand, our superb craftsmanship and innovative capabilities have attracted worldwide customers to cooperate. With excellent product quality and a perfect after-sales service system, Micet has confirmed sales agents in different country, including Canada, USA, UK, France, Georgia, Italy, South Africa, India, Argentina, Chile, etc.



high-end product line

perform strict quality control

Micet is a China-Canada Cooperative Leading Brewery equipment manufacturer by building distribution and partnership system and dedicated serving for the global brewing market, The core business principle is to form long-term cooperation and trust relations with agents and distributors through the best service and customer feedback, so Micet focus on high-end product line and insist on craftsman spirit, perform strict quality control and process testing in production to ensure that customers have good expectations for equipment and on-time delivery.

What is a microbrewery?



global operation, local wisdom

work together with you

Micet adheres to the concept of “global operation, local wisdom” and seeks partners to develop this big market on a global scale. With the network of agents and partners in the global operation network, we will greatly enhance its global procurement, sales channel expansion, and lean production, and gradually move to the global market.
In the next step, Micet will be innovating in the concept of innovation (from 0 to 1 innovation), elite culture (seeking the world elite for a better future), craftsmanship (do the world’s highest-end craftsmanship Equipment suppliers), future company market share, global manufacturing base, and rich experience will help us strengthen our brand’s global recognition.
Micet upholds “innovation for everyone”, willing to work together with you to create a better future!



The 15 years of experience in the industry is really impressive. We keep learning new technology and growing with all partners.



We have established a service center and agent office in France, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Chile for better service.



In past years, we have helped set up more than 1000 breweries and wineries. This is also a valuable source of our innovation.



Our projects are all over the world in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Latin America, Korea, Japan, etc. Different countries are in talks with us

What we can help

Micet Craft can customize the design and production of brewery equipment according to the customer’s brewing process. You only need to tell us your requirements for brewery equipment (brewing process, output, budget, etc.), and our engineers will provide you with solutions as quickly as possible.

Customized Design

Based on your project site condition and brewing requirements, Micet engineers will provide the overall drawings from start to the end, including brewery P&ID process, brewery space layout design, brewhouse and tanks design and piping drawing in 3D and CAD. To make sure the full process on point.

20 bbl brewing system

Quality Assurance

Insist on high-end products line, adopts high Standard design and global brand components, etc., Our welding is all full welding by water, uniform dimpled jackets to ensure no leaking and long life, all welds undergo welds passivation! Our polishing is overall mirror polishing without any welds left.

One-Stop Purchase

MICET can not only provide brewery equipment, fermentation tanks, but also provide auxiliary machines, filling equipment, distillation equipment and various related accessories, to make sure that all equipment purchase through one supplier and saving your time.

Why Choose US


The CEO Nancy has 15 years of international sales experience understands the needs of clients from different countries.
Our Production Director has 13 years of experience in equipment production with excellent communication skills, workshop management, and quality control expeirences.
Our Quality Inspection team has 11 years of experience with production process control, inspection, shipping safety, and making sure that all the equipment leaves the factory and arrives in our clients in perfect condition.
Our Service Team has 22 years brewing equipment and process design expenriences in CAD and 3D. Our Purchase Engineer’s experiences with installation, brewing, and designing allow for MICET to find all solutions.


MICET is doing brand line, so everything is in high standard design, global brand components, fittings, valves, electronics, etc., Our welding is all full welding by water, uniform dimpled steam and cooling jacket to ensure no leaking and long life, all welds undergo welds passivation! Our polishing is overall mirror polishing without any welds left.


MICET provides a 3 years warranty on tanks sold without manufacturing defects from the factory. MICET does not cover damage to tanks from unloading of tanks at customer site, damage resulting from improper use of tanks for products other than beer or appropriate beverage, damage from exceeding designed tanks pressure.

MICET provides a 1-year warranty on auxiliaries and accessories provided they are used under the scope not exceeding pressures, temperatures, or improper handling.

Our Partners

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