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Beer Can Filling Machine

MicetCraft offers Beer Can Filling Machine. Packaging beer in cans has been a growing trend because of the shift from on-premise retail channels (bars and restaurants) to off-premise ones such as mass merchandiser, grocery, and convenience stores which seem to feature canned beers more. Plus, packagers prefer cans more than bottles because cans do a better job in protecting the quality of the beer. You will need a Beer Can Filling Machine for this.

The filling machine has manual filling and semi-automatic filling.  Beer Can Filling Machineare becoming more popular and can also use for graphic design on cans. It can use for beer filling in the large brewery, microbrewery, and nano-brewery.

Beer Can Filling Machine Advantages

  • All programs can control by the programmable controller. Also, the equipment can adjust parameters on the controller without stopping the machine.
  • We use an equal pressure filling method. Because it has a unique pressure retention system, its performance is more reliable. Of course, the loss of beer during filling is also minimal.
  • Our equipment is equipped with a pressure compensator. This can ensure the stability of the filling operation.
  • We choose Siemens programmable control cabinet. It runs and works without errors for a long time.

Beer Can Filling Machine Features

  • The washing head and filling head are made of 304 stainless steel (316 stainless steel when washing with acid solution). The internal roughness of the equipment is less than 0.6μm. Equipped with PTFE gate valve, magnetic sensor control, and other accessories.
  • The filling mode can be controlled by a conductivity sensor or through the flowmeter.
  • In the automatic barrel cleaning machine, the mechanical arm introduces the barrels to be processed into the machine and moves them through the pneumatic translation system. This system is equipped with sensors that can control the machine’s cyclical work. In a semi-automatic system, the operator needs to manually load and move the kegs.
  • The box body is made of IP54 stainless steel, equipped with PLC and software, which can be used for inspection of the production cycle. The controller is made of IP54 stainless steel, equipped with a control panel, which can be used to control and set operating parameters.
  • The system is equipped with an automatic disinfection device. We can be equipped with input and output transmission systems and washing liquid storage as required.

Beer Can Filling Machine Specification

  • Equipment Outer Dimensions: 1000*800*2400mm
  • Net Weight: 200KG
  • Production Capacity: 300-600 can/h
  • Applicable Cans: 330ML-2L can
  • Filling Stations: 4-10
  • Power Supply Voltage: AC 380V  50HZ (Customized)
  • Working Process: Fix the bottles–purge–filling–pressure stabilization–pressure relief–take the cans

Beer Can Filling Machine Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Its price varies according to the number of filling heads. The price of the machine with two filling heads is around 6000 USD. The price of four heads is around 7000 US dollars. The price of six heads and eight heads will be higher. Generally, it is 9,000-10,000 US dollars. The beer filling machine needs to used with a beer can cleaning machine.

Yes, our beer can filling machine has a sealing function. It is suitable for isobaric filling and sealing of carbonated beverages in the beverage industry. Filling and sealing integrated designs. The power system ensures absolute synchronization and coordination by filling and sealing the system. It uses advanced machinery, electrical equipment, and pneumatic control technology.

Get Beer Can Filling Machine Price

Are you looking for a beer can filling machine? Are you a small brewery? Are you looking for micro brewing equipment? Micet Craft provides you with professional solutions. We can help you complete the establishment of a microbrewery. Of course, we will also help you produce and package beer more.

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