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3 vessel Brewhouse systems are set up from left to right with a Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun, and Boil Kettle. The hot liquor tank has the least intuitive name brewers refer to water as liquor. The only thing you use the Hot Liquor Tank (HLT) for is heating up water to use in various points in the brewing process

Micet Craft can provide an advanced 3 vessel brewhouse. This type of brewery can provide a capacity of 1bbl-50bbl. The 3 vessel brewhouse applies Micet Craft’s advanced automation control technology. It can maximize efficiency. So, it is the perfect solution to meet your brewing needs. We can provide 3 vessel brewing system with different capacities from 1bbl-50bbl. Micet Craft can provide a variety of optional accessories. They can help you better brew beer.

3 Vessel Brewhouse Advantages

  • The Mash tank is equipped with a clamped level gauge for easy observation. All the lauter tun use milled sieve plates, which have higher filtration accuracy and better effect.
  • The grains outdoor of lauter tun is equipped with a dustpan, which is convenient for grains out and cleaning. The drain outlet is separated from the discharge outlet, which is convenient for customers to discharge directly.
  • According to the customer’s brewing process, the mash system can not only meet the feeding in the boiling kettle but also meet the feeding in the lauter tun.
  • Our mash system can realize both natural filtration and pumping filtration. The lauter tun stirring motor is equipped with a frequency converter, which can realize the step-less speed regulation. The rake motor can also be designed up and down to lift the rake.
  • To avoid too much water vapor in the mashing area, the kettle is equipped with an indoor exhaust device or outdoor exhaust device depends on customer needs.
  • Equipping with a special inline hop filter to make the wort clearer before fermenting.
  • The pump motor uses ABB or JLEM American brand, long service life, and low sound.
  • The mash tun is equipped with a grist hydrator to ensure uniform malt moistening.
  • The brewhouse piping design is equipped with a cold and hot water mixing device, thermometer, and flow meter, which can evenly mix the cold and hot water before mashing.
  • The bottom of lauter tun is equipped with a wort collection loop and an under-the-flush device.
  • Equipping with wort balance tank to check the clarity of wort and protect the sieve plate.
  • Equipping with sparge arm and double CIP cleaning loop on top of the tank.
  • Milling sieve plate, wedge-shaped gap 0.7mm, 4mm thickness, can be disassembled and cleaned, and the bottom is supported and fixed.
  • The HLT was designed with a return port, CIP cleaning port, and water inlet, which can realize the recovery and utilization of hot water between the heat exchanger.
  • The working platform adopts water leakage and a non-slip design.
  • Brewhouse manways always use full glass manway.

3 Vessel Brewhouse Standard Configuration

  • 3 vessel systems are available
  • All piping is TRC fitted, including every elbow, tee, and curve in the system; allows for a 100% sanitary system
  • Constructed of 304 or 316 stainless steel
  • All pumps in the brewhouse include 100% stainless steel pumps AND motors
  • Rake System have both non-lifting and hydraulic lifting optional
  • Floor mounted, vessel or ceiling mounted grist cases available
  • Flat bottom or conical bottom lauter tun

3 Vessel Brewhouse Optional Configuration

  • Automation systems
  • Complete Grain Mill System
  • Various Stainless Steel Finishes
  • Fermentation tank
  • Bright tank
  • Our standard beer brewing system comes with a 2B mill finish; other finishes are available including: Polished/Brushed/Mirror finish/Pickling passivation Copper Clad and/Copper accented

3 Vessel Brewhouse Specification

    • Effective volume: 1-50BBL
    • Size: Customized according to capacity
    • Material: SUS304/SUS316/red Copper
    • Heating method: Electric/steam/direct fire heating
    • Control system: PLC Simens or PID Schneider/ABB brand
    • Heating area: Customized according to capacity
    • Power: 15-70 Kw depends on the size
    • Voltage: 3 phase/380(220, 415,480…)v/50(60)Hz; Single Phase/220(110, 240…)v/50(60)Hz
    • Brewing batch: 6-12 brew/week
    • Work pressure: inner jacket 0.4MPa; cooling jacket 0.5Mpa
    • Design pressure: inner jacket 0.2MPa; cooling jacket 0.3Mpa
    • Brewmaster quantity: 1

              Note: 1 hl=100liter; 1 Gallon=3.7854 liter; 1 Barrel(BBL) =117Liter

3 Vessel Brewhouse Details

3 Vessel Brewing System Details
3 Vessel Brewing System Details-1
3 Vessel Brewing System Details-2
3 Vessel Brewing System Details-4
3 Vessel Brewing System Details-3
3 Vessel Brewing System Details-5
3 Vessel Brewing System Details-6
3 Vessel Brewing System Details-7
3 Vessel Brewing System Details-8

Frequently Asked Questions

The 3 vessel brewhouse consists of three vessels. Brewing beer has four processes: mashing, filtration, boiling, and whirlpool. Because there are only 3 vessels, one vessel is required to complete the two processes. Micet Craft can provide two combinations of 3 vessel brewhouse according to your brewing craft. One is to combine the two processes of boiling and whirlpool. The other is to combine the two processes of mashing and boiling. The working method of 3 vessel brewing system varies according to the different combinations. But the brewing process is the same.
The 3 vessel brewhouse is an upgraded version of the 2 vessel brewhouse. The 2 vessel brewhouse can produce 2 batches of beer per day, and a 3 vessel brewhouse can produce 3-4 batches of beer per day. The two operating processes are the same. The main difference is that the 3 vessel brewhouse can complete three brewing processes at the same time, while the 2 vessel brewhouse can only complete two brewing processes at the same time.
Filtration is the process by which the brewer separates the liquid sweet wort, which continues to boil, from the solid wort after the mash is complete. While many brewers think of filtration as simply rinsing the grain, there’s more to it than that. A successful filter is important to brewing the best craft beer, and if you’re willing to take the time to get it right, you can avoid issues like astringency and maintain consistency from batch to batch. Therefore, if conditions permit, it is necessary to filter the wort as much as possible.

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Micet can provide you with customized brewery solutions. You only need to tell us your request. Such as capacity, combination form. Our engineers will provide you with solutions and prices within 24 hours.

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