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Micet Craft can provide you with automatic or semi-automatic Beer keg filling machines. Kegs are the most convenient way to store and transport beer. This packaging method can reduce packaging and logistics costs. Of course, this type of packaging is also very popular when sold. This equipment is especially suitable for a large brewery, microbrewery, and nano-brewery.
The whole structure of the machine and the parts in contact with liquid are entirely steel AISI 304. The filling head is designed with particular attention to exclude any contact to air by the worked product and ensure a fill in full sterility.

Keg Filling Machine Advantages

  • All procedures controlled by SIEMENS programmable controller. All parameters (time values) can adjust and shown through a touch screen without stopping the machine.
  • Two sets of washing processes for customers to choose from. With steam sterilization function (user-selectable).
  • Caustic could use to save water.
  • The water tank possesses a heating function, the temperature can display on the screen.

Features Of Beer Keg Filling Machine

  • The washing head and filling head are made of 304 stainless steel (316 stainless steel when washing with acid solution). The internal roughness of the equipment is less than 0.6μm. Equipped with PTFE gate valve, magnetic sensor control, and other accessories.
  • The filling mode can be controlled by a conductivity sensor or through the flowmeter.
  • In the automatic barrel cleaning machine, the mechanical arm introduces the barrels to be processed into the machine and moves them through the pneumatic translation system. This system is equipped with sensors that can control the machine’s cyclical work. In a semi-automatic system, the operator needs to manually load and move the kegs.
  • The box body is made of IP54 stainless steel, equipped with PLC and software, which can be used for inspection of the production cycle. The controller is made of IP54 stainless steel, equipped with a control panel, which can be used to control and set operating parameters.
  • The system is equipped with an automatic disinfection device. We can be equipped with input and output transmission systems and washing liquid storage as required.

Beer Keg Filling Machine Specification

  • Equipment Outer Dimensions: 1200*1600*2000mm
  • Net Weight: 380KG
  • Power Steam Heating: 3KW
  • Electric Heating: 18KW
  • Production Capacity: 30-40 kegs/h
  • Applicable Kegs Keg with Diameter: 250-500mm
  • Height: 360-600mm
  • Tank Heating Way: Electric Heating or Steam Heating
  • Table Board: Fixed
  • Power Supply Voltage: AC 380V 50HZ (Customized)
  • Working process: Start (pressing)—Water washing–Caustic washing–Hot water washing–Steam sterilization–Co₂ pressurization–Stop

beer Keg Filling Machine Details

Provide keg filling machine solutions

We can provide automated turnkey beer filling solutions. If you want more information and the latest quotation, please contact us. Our engineer will reply to you within 24 hours.

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