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Kombucha is a fermented beverage made from brewed tea and sugar. The kombucha process resembles Vinegar fermentation. Like vinegar, kombucha is a yeast fermentation of sugar to alcohol followed by a bacterial fermentation of alcohol to acetic acid. Kombucha fermenter uses the bacteria and yeast in SCOBY to use the nutrients in tea to make Kombucha. The kombucha fermenter is a device used to ferment Kombucha. MICET Kombucha fermentation tank can shorten your working hours and save you money, the manufactuing capacity from 100L-3000L.

Kombucha Fermenter Advantages

  • The fermentation tank is equipped with lifting ears for convenient for hoisting equipment in place.
  • With rotating racking arm for beer delivery, which is convenient and flexible to deliver beer.
  • All tanks are equipped with adjusting bolts to ensure the tanks are aligned and leveled.
  • Jacket testing 12 hours with air and water, jacket testing pressure is 5Bar, internal shell testing pressure is 4Bar, and 48hours of water testing before packing.
  • Polished/Brushed/Mirror finish/Pickling passivation is optional
  • Shadowless manway or top manhole according to the customer’s fermentation process and brewing types.
  • Bigger headspace, the cover headspace volume is calculated separately and extra.
  • Specially designed dimpled cooling jackets outside to ensure heating and cooling efficiency
  • 60-degree cone angle for convenient for yeast excretion.
  • Equipping with special ladder for easy operation

Kombucha Fermenter Configuration

  • Food-grade 304/316 stainless steel construction
  • Double-wall with dimpled cooling jacket on shell and cone
  • 25% oversized headspace for fermentation on top
  • Full sanitary tri-clamped sampling valve
  • Top pressure or side shadowless manhole
  • PT100 temperature thermowell with sensor
  • Pressure relief valve with pressure gauge
  • Liquid level display on the sidewall
  • Rotation racking arm on the cone
  • 360°coverage CIP spraying ball
  • Heavy-duty legs with adjustable bolts
  • Safety valve on top of the tank
  • 60° cone for yeast dumping outlet
  • Separate blow-off pipe & CIP optional 
  • Carbonation stone optional 

Kombucha Fermenter Details

Kombucha Fermenter Details
Kombucha Fermenter Details-1
Kombucha Fermenter Details-2
Kombucha Fermenter Details-3
Kombucha Fermenter Details-4
Kombucha Fermenter Details-5
Kombucha Fermenter Details-6
Kombucha Fermenter Details-7
Kombucha Fermenter Details-8

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