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10bbl fermentation tank ready to be shipped to Canada

Cuve de fermentation de 10 barils prête à être expédiée au Canada

A Canadian customer customized a batch of 10bbl fermentation tanks and bright tanks. Each tank is equipped with a corresponding valve on the front. Made of 304 stainless steel, it is smooth, durable and not easy to rust. And each tank is equipped with a side manhole to facilitate inspection and cleaning of the tank.
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Important configurations of 10BBL fermentation tank:
  • Inner tank stainless steel 304, 3mm thick
  • Inner tank treatment: Mirror polished to 0.4μm, no dead corners
  • Head: 3mm thick
  • 360° CIP with rotating spray ball
  • 100% TIG fully welded welding interface
  • Side manhole
  • Fully hygienic sampling valve
  • Rotary shaft valve
  • ISO standard jacket leakage test using water pressure and air pressure
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