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How does craft beer impact restaurants?

Quel est l’impact de la bière artisanale sur les restaurants ?

The booming craft beer industry has also attracted restaurants. To take advantage of what the world of craft beer has to offer. The Brewers Association says craft beer production grew 18 percent in 2014 and retail sales increased 22 percent. Since the beer market is only growing about 0.5%, these numbers are noteworthy. Steady growth in craft beer keeps the beer industry dynamic and evolving.

Craft beer overview

To understand how your restaurant can enjoy selling craft beer, let’s define it.
American craft beers are:
  • Smaller – Breweries sell no more than 6 million barrels of beer per year.
  • Independent – means a non-craft brewery (such as Coors) owns less than 25% of the brewery.
  • Traditional – Most of the beer produced by a brewery is beer whose flavor comes from traditional or innovative brewing ingredients and their fermentation.
Craft beer overview

Restaurant Advantages

When people drink craft beer, they feel healthier. And, craft beer drinkers are loyal. Once they find their favorite, they’ll come back to drink it again and again. When it’s on your restaurant’s menu, it means they’re ordering your food because beer drinkers are usually hungry customers.

Craft beer drinkers are adventurous, and trying new flavors satisfies their needs. By offering special beers, you will attract them into your restaurant. Customers will follow the trend and try your restaurant because it pairs with their favorite craft beer.

How to get started?

  • Offer new or small batch beers from the local community. See what people like and restock!
  • Match your beer with the season. Summer means the introduction of light, straw-colored beers and fruit, herb or citrus flavorings. Winter calls for stronger beers – strong, warm and full-flavored.
  • Craft beer drinkers want more than IPA (India Pale Ale).
  • Craft beer drinkers appreciate creativity. Pair your menu with local craft beers. Tell your diners what the best pairings are.
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