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Beer filling system solutions

Soluciones de sistemas de llenado de cerveza

Beer canning is experiencing a resurgence among craft breweries and small breweries looking for an efficient way to package and distribute their products. micet offers various types of beer keg filling systems of the highest quality, meeting the requirements of breweries of different sizes, from craft breweries to industrial breweries and multinational breweries.
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What is a beer filling machine?

Filling machines are used to fill products into bags, sachets or containers such as buckets or bottles. At the end of the production process, most goods are measured in specified quantities and packaged in bags or containers before being sold in the market. There are many types of filling machines for liquid, paste, powder or granular materials.
Types of beer filling machines:

  • Gravity beer filling machine
  • Back pressure beer filling machine
  • Isobaric beer filling machine
  • Vacuum beer filling machine
  • Craft beer crawler

Overview of beer filling production line

A complete beer canning line consists of many pieces of equipment that work together to clean, fill, seal and package filled beer cans.
  • Empty Cans: Empty cans arrive at the brewery on pallets through the can supplier. Cans travel through the canning line on a conveyor system.
  • Can depalletizer: Removes many layers of empty cans from the pallet and places them on the conveyor belt.
  • Can rinsing machine: cans are rinsed before filling. Usually a hot water sprinkler system.
  • Can filling machine: Usually uses vacuum and carbon dioxide purge cycle to fill beer to the appropriate level.
  • Sealer: Seals lids to filled jars using a roller that crimps the edges.
  • Pasteurizer: heats filled jars to stabilize beer and kill bacteria.
  • Labeling machine: can wrap labels on jars if needed.
  • Packaging: six packs, boxes, pallets for distribution.
What is a beer filling machine?

Beer filling equipment

Overview of beer filling equipment:



Can Depalletizer

Takes layers of empty cans from pallets and loads onto conveyor

Can Rinser

Cleans and rinses interior + exterior of cans

Can Filler

Fills cans with beer to correct level


Seals lids onto filled cans


Stabilizes beer by quickly heating filled cans


Applies labels to cans after filling

Beer keg filling system types

  • Semi-automatic filling system can deliver 15 to 40 barrels per hour, especially suitable for small breweries and small businesses
  • Automatic filling system can deliver 40 to 250 barrels per hour for breweries with higher production capacity
  • The automatic filling system can transport 250 to 1,000 barrels per hour, suitable for companies that require high productivity

Beer filling production line capacity

The physical footprint of a canning line varies depending on the configuration, but is about 100 feet in length to allow for inline space for each process. Conveyors deliver product through rinsers, fillers, sealers and pasteurizers. Height is another factor in ergonomic access and lift systems.

Given their complexity, custom-designed solutions are common to match the equipment to the production environment and output targets in the most compact, efficient floor plan. Modular systems provide flexibility as needs change. Consult an experienced canning line integrator for layout recommendations. Budget, production goals, beer type and packaging format will influence possible configurations.

Reasons for choosing beer filling production line

  • Speed: Canning throughput per hour required based on demand. Scalable growth options.
  • Automation: Improve speed, efficiency and consistency. Sterile.
  • Size: Size based on space. The height of the elevator. Conveyor length.
  • Output: Total number of barrels packaged per year. Various canning formats.
  • Beer varieties: Lager, IPA, stout all have different carbonation and fizzing characteristics.
  • Customization: Customize equipment specifications according to production goals and space.
  • Budget: Total capital expenditure for all primary filling and packaging equipment.
  • After-sales support: Installation help, training, and service plans provided by equipment suppliers.

Advantages of beer filling systems

  • Efficiency because equipment can be selected based on your production needs
  • The service life is very long due to the high-quality materials used in the manufacturing process
  • Hygienic as our filling systems are designed to avoid any beer contamination and thus risks to consumer safety and beverage quality.
  • Control: Each system performs every step of the process, from keg pre-washing to keg filling
  • Adaptability: Each machine can be easily combined with other add-on machines designed by micet for a more complete and efficient filling line.
Overview of beer filling production line

Beer canning production line installation and operation

Implementing a turnkey beer canning line requires a lot of coordination at every stage:

  • Planning and Design: Allow enough time to specify goals, select equipment, draw floor plans and order in advance based on delivery time and shipping arrangements.
  • Delivery and installation: Qualified technicians are on site to perform setup, assembly, calibration, testing and safety reviews. Electrical, mechanical, pneumatic skills required.
  • Trial run: Initial test package without product to confirm speed, change part size, setup and stability. Adjust the configuration as needed.
  • Production: Best practices to improve efficiency, operations, hygiene, and maintenance during weeks of accelerated operations. Check all FILL parameters.

Ongoing training is critical for brewery employees who operate and maintain packaging equipment. Routine inspections are scheduled around the production schedule by experienced technicians for adjustments, parts replacement, cleaning and calibration.


Q: What is the total cost of a turnkey canning line system?
A: Basic equipment costs for an integrated filling, sealing, pasteurization solution range from $50,000 to over $500,000, depending on the automation and throughput required. Installation and auxiliary supplies are more costs that need to be calculated.
Q: How much space does the device need?
A: Dimensions vary based on configuration selected, but approximately 500-1000 sq. ft. will accommodate all core mechanical options from 30-150 cpm.
Q: Should I work with a beer packaging equipment integrator?
A: Yes. Experienced developers can save buyers time specifying requirements, comparing proposals and project management to achieve a full-line implementation customized to the brewery’s space and budget.
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