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1000L brewery equipment in Chile

1000L brewery equipment in Chile

We have installed a 1000L complete brewery equipment in Chile. It has now begun a trial operation. Our customers are very satisfied with the condition of the equipment.
1000L brewery equipment in Chile-1
1000L brewery equipment in Chile-2
This is the true evaluation of our customers:
Hi Angela, I hope you are well. I wanted to thank you for your gift, very beautiful pandas. The equipment arrived yesterday. I left everything In place inside the plant. We have a lot of work now, I think that in two more weeks we will do the installation. I’m really very happy, thank you very much for everything.
If you want to know more about brewery equipment, you can contact us. Micet Craft will provide you with the most complete service and turnkey solutions. If you are a novice brewer, you can follow our blog. We will update the content regularly to help you become a master brewer early.

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