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5000L beer equipment successfully installed in Changchun, China

5000L beer equipment successfully installed in Changchun, China

The 5000L brewing system was successfully installed in Changchun City, China. Micet engineers personally guide the installation. This is a very complete brewery system, equipped with corresponding cold water tanks, hot water tanks and 24 fermentation tanks, which helps to brew large batches of beer continuously. The beer equipment ordered by the customer was relatively large and was designed and laid out according to his requirements. The customer expressed satisfaction and sent photos. At any reasonable request, Micet can design and produce the brewing system you want according to your requirements to meet your brewing needs.
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Important configurations of the 5000L brewing equipment system:
  • 5000L 5vessel brewery: 5000L brewhouse tank + 5000L filter tank + 5000L Storage tank + 6500L boiling pot + 5500L Whirlpool tank
  • SUS304 food grade stainless steel
  • CIP cleaning device
  • Insulation layer thickness: 100mm
  • One-stage plate heat exchanger
  • Hollow pedal platform
  • PLC control
  • Wort cooling pump 15t/h
  • CIP control cabinet
  • 10000L fermentation tank*10
  • 15000L fermentation tank*14
  • 15000L bright tank*2
  • 8000L hot water tank
  • 20000L ice water tank
  • 30000L cold water tank
  • 380V/50HZ refrigeration pump
  • 380V/50HZ hot water pump
  • PLC automatic control
Get a turnkey solution for brewery equipment
If you plan to open or expand the brewery, you can contact Micet Craft directly. Our engineers will design and manufacture brewery equipment according to your brewing process. Of course, we will also provide you with a complete turnkey solution. Also, if you plan to expand the brewery, we will provide you with customized solutions.

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