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5BBL brewery equipment in Canada

5BBL brewery equipment in Canada

Recently, we installed new brewery equipment in Canada. This is a complete 5BBL brewery equipment. This brewery equipment is a special design of our Canadian distributor. There is a copper ring on the top of the device, which looks cool, doesn’t it?

5BBL brewery equipment in Canada-2

Basic information of 5BBL brewery equipment:

  1. It is the method of steam heating for the storage tank of the brewing system. This is a 2 vessel brewing system. But, it also adds a hot wine tank.
  2. This 5BBL brewery equipment is equipped with 4 10BBL fermentation tanks. This capacity of the fermentation tank can ensure that you can brew 2 batches of beer every day.
  3. The upper manhole made of glass can ensure a better view during the mashing process.
  4. Designed with a grain spindle that can be raised and lowered. This loosens the grain and facilitates the filtering operation.
  5. The control of the brewing system and the fermentation control are separate.
  6. It prevents negative pressure at the bottom of the tank and protects the tank in good working condition.
  7. All fermentation tanks have two manholes. Two individual holes, one at the bottom of the jar, and one at the top of the jar. This facilitates the cleaning and inspection of the cans.
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If you want to know more about brewery equipment, you can contact us at any time. Micet Craft engineers will communicate with you within 24 hours to determine your needs and provide customized solutions.

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