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Beer picks up in the off season, increasing demand

Beer picks up in the off-season, increasing demand

The World Cup not only ignited the enthusiasm of the fans but also drove the sales of beer orders.
According to data from Meituan, on the opening day of the World Cup, China’s orders for beer, beverages, snacks, and fruits increased by 31% month-on-month and 27% year-on-year. According to data from, the turnover of JD Beer in the first two days of the World Cup increased by 78% year-on-year.
It can be seen from the data that beer is still unshakable as a “must-have for watching football”, and it is still a hot food during the World Cup.
For beer manufacturers, the major nodes such as the World Cup that promote the sales of beer channels will not be missed. According to sorting out, several wine companies have launched a marketing war by organizing fans to watch football or launching World Cup concept products. Marketing rights.
World Cup Dongfeng on the beer tower

World Cup Dongfeng on the beer tower

The official global beer sponsor of the World Cup in Qatar is Budweiser. This time, “The World is yours to take” with the theme of “Calling the Heroes of the World” will be withdrawn. It is planned to use famous football stars Messi, Neymar, and Sterling as campaign models for video advertisements to arouse enthusiasm for the World Cup to carry out online and offline activities.

Alcohol consumption continues to rise

Since the start of the game, as a super traffic pool, it has not only been a carnival moment for fans all over the world, but also a marketing position that brands must compete for. Other beer manufacturers in China also have continuous promotional activities, such as organizing fans to watch football or launching World Cup concept products to take part in the enthusiasm of the World Cup.
Generally speaking, the fourth quarter is the off-season for beer sales in China. Several research reports predict that the beer industry is expected to continue its previous growth trend in the fourth quarter of this year. Founder Securities Research Report believes that the 2022 Qatar World Cup may stimulate beer consumption in the off-season. More , the sports marketing of various beer companies during the World Cup is expected to help the smooth implementation of off-season price increases and product structure upgrades.
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