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Brewing good beer requires brewhouse equipment. Whether you are brewing beer for home, business or brewery, Micet Craft can provide a turnkey solution according to the daily output you need. We have brewhouse equipment with 2 vessels, 3 vessels and 4 vessels, the unique design allows you to do decoction or infusion brewing methods. The beer fermentation work needs to be carried out in the fermentation tank, we can supply with fermentation tanks and bright tanks as well
3bbl brewhouse-1

3BBL Brewhouse

Previous Next Micet Craft has launched the 3BBL Brewhouse. The Brewhouse is the most important part of the brewing equipment. It can also be said that it is the “heart”

1BBL Brewhouse

Previous slide Next slide 1BBL Brewhouse is specially made for nano brewery and pilot brewery. It has a 45-50 gallon kettle and can brew 1BBL beer. 1BBL is an economic

craft brewery tanks

5BBL Brewhouse

Previous slide Next slide Micet Craft’s 5BBL Brewhouse is a very good small and medium-sized brewing system. This equipment has strong flexibility and diversity, allowing you to start from a

3.5bbl brewhouse

3.5BBL brewhouse

Previous Next The 3.5BBL Brewhouse designed by Micet Craft is the most advanced nano brewery equipment on the market. We can customize the design of the nano-brewery according to your

Two Vessel Brewhouse

Previous slide Next slide 2 VESSEL BREWHOUSE A two vessel system consists of a dedicated mash vessel and boil kettle, forgoing a hot liquor tank (HLT) in favor of an on-demand

3 vessel brewhouse

3 Vessel Brewhouse

Previous slide Next slide 3 VESSEL BREWHOUSE 3 vessel Brewhouse systems are set up from left to right with a Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun, and Boil Kettle. The hot liquor

4 vessel brewhouse

4 Vessel Brewhouse

Previous slide Next slide 4 VESSEL BREWHOUSE Micet Craft’s 4 vessel brewhouse is the most advanced brewery production system. It can produce beer for large craft breweries. A standard 4 vessel

Frequently asked questions about brewhouse equipment

It’s not an easy question when deciding which heating method is right for you. Factors you need to consider include:
  • Location – are you in a residential or industrial area? Or is it a farm?
  • Budget – What is your brewery startup budget?
  • Architecture – Are you a brewery for small spaces? What are the local building codes for your building?
  • Utilities – What type of electricity does your area use? What are the prices for gas and electricity costs in your area? Is propane a more convenient fuel for you to come by?
  • How big is your brewhouse equipment – if it’s small then electric heating is probably best. If it’s large, steam capable of being used elsewhere may be more useful to you.
Of course, you also have to consider some other parameters, such as color pick-up, boiling intensity, heating rate, hot spots, the possibility of burning, etc. After taking all the above factors into consideration, it will be possible to determine which heating method is more suitable for the brewhouse equipment.
When choosing to buy brewhouse equipment, a major consideration is the heating method. Most brewhouse usually use electricity or steam for heating, and some brewhouse may be able to choose direct fire heating. Depending on your needs and budget, suppliers can help you choose the ideal heating method. If you want to learn more about how brewhouse equipment is heated, you can read the article “Brewhouse heating options: Electric VS Steam VS Direct Fire“.
The cost of brewhouse equipment varies based on capacity, heating method, and the number of vessels. A 500l stainless 2 vessel brewhouse costs about $15,000 and a 5000l stainless 4 vessel brewhouse costs about $100,000. This is only an approximate cost, please contact us if you need an exact cost.
The brewhouse is the name of the room used for beer brewing. The brewhouse is composed of a mash tun, filter tun, boiling tun, and whirlpool tun. There are different combinations of these four tanks for different brewing processes and capacities. Commonly used are combinations of 2 vessels, 3 vessels, and 4 vessels. Also, depending on the brewing process, the brewhouse will also be equipped with cold water tanks, ice water tanks, or hot liquid tanks.
The brewhouse has many meanings, it can mean another name for the brewery, it can also be brewhouse equipment for brewing beer. Some brewhouses are generic bars or restaurants that use “brewhouse” in their business names. In the brewery, the brewhouse refers to the place where beer is brewed. It usually consists of four different tanks, and the four tanks are responsible for different functions. But, some brewhouses combine the four functions into 2 vessels and 3 vessels.
A brewery is a building that produces beer, but a brewhouse has many meanings and can be converted to each other. The “brewhouse” is often used in bars and restaurants, where it refers to a building that produces a beer-like brewery. But in the brewery, “brewhouse” represents the equipment for brewing beer and is called brewhouse equipment.
Micet Craft uses high-quality food-grade 304/316 stainless steel to manufacture brewhouse equipment. Each of our brewhouse equipment can be customized according to your requirements. For example, 2 vessels, 3 vessels, 4 vessels brewhouse, we can provide you. Also, we will also provide you with professional turnkey solutions.
Micet Craft is a professional brewery equipment manufacturer in China. Each brewhouse is customized according to your requirements. When we manufacture, we will strictly control the quality of the products to ensure that the product is high-quality equipment. We will perform a 48-hour stress test on the equipment before shipment and will provide you with a test report. If you are interested in our quality control, you can contact us and we will provide you with all the information about the equipment manufacturing process.

Craft Brewery Project

50L home brewing equipment shipped to France

50L home brewing equipment shipped to France

The 50L home brewing equipment is made of food-grade stainless steel. Through the built-in intelligent temperature control system, it can accurately control the fermentation temperature and provide the best growth and

500L mixing tanks in UK

500L mixing tanks in UK

These are 500L mixing tanks customized for the customer to produce fruit smoothies. It has two motors and a blender according to the customer’s requirements. And the blender can scrape

500L brewing equipment in France

500L brewhouse equipment in France

500L brewhouse equipment is a key tool for brewing beer or wine, responsible for converting starch in grains into fermentable sugars. This 500L brewhouse equipment uses a gas steam generator,

Beer Brewing Technical Guide

How is whisky made?

How is whisky made?

Making whisky is a complex process that goes through multiple stages. Although the process has been known since ancient times, the subtle aromas and flavors of whisky have not been

Guide to Plate Heat Exchangers

What Are The Different Types Of Heat Exchangers?

Various industrial processes rely on heat exchangers, to aid in transferring heat between different media that efficiently. There are many kinds of them, each designed for specific uses and applications. Knowing the different types of such equipment can help you choose one that is best suited to your particular needs.

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Our brewery equipment design team can help you choose the best brewhouse equipment. If you have ideas to understand or open the brewery, please feel free to contact us. Micet Craft will provide you with the most complete turnkey solution.

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