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Canada Strategic Partners Came for Visit

Canada Strategic Partners Came for Visit

On 28th September, our strategic partner visited our factory. We had a good discussion on the topics of Factory Management System, Quality control systems, new products research and improvement, exhibitions and market development. They inspected the finished products and production machinery and gave highly approval!!! We have been working hard together to perfect product quality, make the factory more standardized and management more processable!
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We have nice cooperation in the 2017 year and 2018 year, he helps us to develop our Micet’s brand in Canada for brewery equipment, also have ordered many equipments last year. Hope it’s a good prospect in 2019 for our cooperation!
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Our brand is Micet, which is a China-Canada Cooperative Brewery equipment in different countries, such as the USA, UK, Finland, France, Romania, Argentina, Brazil, and other European and American countries. Micet focuses on high-end lines and insists on craftsman spirit to make first-class equipment, our factory has strict quality control and process inspection & testing system to make sure you get the quality you expected and to be delivered on time.
If you want to know more about the brewery equipment, please feel free to contact us. Micet Craft is looking forward to working with you!

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