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The stainless steel fermentation tank is a cylindrical-conical tank with a modular design. The stainless steel fermentation tank is made of high-quality 304/316 stainless steel. Fermentation tanks made of 304 stainless steel have a competitive price. 316 stainless steel provides better corrosion resistance. Stainless steel fermentation tanks can be added with accessories according to your fermentation needs to meet your fermentation needs. Also, you can choose fittings such as manholes, butterfly valves, sampling valves, etc. on the conical fermentation tank. Micet Craft can also provide you with scalable brewing solutions, allowing you to brew more delicious beer faster.

Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Specification

  • Effective volume: 1-300BBL
  • Total volume: Varies according to capacity
  • Size: Varies according to capacity
  • Material: SUS304/SUS316 Stainless Steel
  • Cooling area: Varies according to capacity
  • Polished/Brushed/Mirror finish/Pickling passivation
  • Work pressure: inner jacket 0.4MPa     cooling jacket 0.5Mpa
  • Design pressure: inner jacket 0.2MPa     cooling jacket 0.3Mpa
Note: 1 hl=100liter; 1 Gallon=3.7854 liter; 1 Barrel(BBL) =117Liter

Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Standard Configuration

  • Food-grade 304/316 stainless steel construction
  • Double-wall with dimpled cooling jacket
  • Inner surface 2B finish, and passivated
  • Oversized for 25% headspace fermentation
  • Full sanitary tri-clamped sampling valve
  • Top pressure or side shadowless manhole
  • PT100 temperature thermowell with sensor
  • Rotation racking arm on the cone
  • Dry hops adding port 4/6inch
  • 360°coverage CIP spraying ball
  • Threaded ice water inlet/outlet
  • Pressure relief valve with pressure gauge
  • Lifting bar on the top edge of the tank
  • Heavy-duty legs with adjustable bolts
  • Safety valve on top of the tank
  • 60° yeast dumping outlet

Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Optional Configuration

  • Display temperature gauge
  • Separate blow-off pipe & CIP
  • Carbonation stone for CO2
  • Liquid level display on the sidewall
  • Bunging apparatuses/Spunding Valve

Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Advantages

  1. The fermentation tank is equipped with lifting ears, which is convenient for hoisting equipment in place.
  2. With a rotating elbow and racking tam for beer delivery, it is convenient and flexible to deliver beer.
  3. An elliptical guard plate is added at the junction of the outriggers and the lower cone refrigerant inlet pipe and the lower cone outsourcing to ensure more precise machining accuracy.
  4. All tanks are equipped with adjusting bolts to ensure the tanks are aligned and leveled.
  5. The clamp is installed at the connection between the material port and the bottom of the tank, which can be rotated at will, which is convenient for customers to operate.
  6. Outsourcing of the bottom of the Bright tank is made of finished products to ensure that the tank body has a beautiful appearance, strong and durable.
  7. All bright tanks are equipped with carbon stones for CO2.
  8. Uses a shadowless manway, which is easy to clean. The top manhole can be designed according to the customer’s fermentation process and brewing beer.
  9. The headspace is large, the total volume does not include the volume of the top head.
  10. The cooling jackets are designed on both top of the cone and the bottom of the cylinder, and the cooling area is large enough.
  11. Equipped with a safety device, positive and negative pressure opening function.
  12. The 60-degree cone angle is convenient for yeast excretion.
  13. The fermentation tank is equipped with a special ladder for easy operation.

Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Details

Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Detail
Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Detail-1
Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Detail-2
Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Detail-3
Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Detail-4
Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Detail-5
Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Detail-6
Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Detail-7
Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Detail-8

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The stainless steel fermentation tank is easier to clean;
  2. The tightness of stainless steel fermentation tanks is higher than that of plastic fermentation tanks;
  3. The strength of stainless steel is high, it will not produce scratches and breed any bacteria;
  4. The stainless steel fermentation tank can last longer;
  1. The cost of stainless steel fermentation tanks is relatively high due to the price of raw materials;
  2. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel is worse than that of copper, and it may more heat when brewing;
  3. The stainless steel fermentation tank is very heavy, and it will be heavier after being filled with wort, so it is difficult to move;

Get Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank Price

The stainless steel fermentation tank is the best choice for commercial brewing. If you want to upgrade the plastic or glass fermentation tanks in your brewery, you can contact us directly. Micet Craft will provide you with customized solutions. We choose food-grade 304/316 stainless steel to manufacture fermentation tanks. If you need higher specifications, we can also provide you with them. Micet Craft is happy to provide an expansion plan for your brewery.

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