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French 500L beer brewing equipment

French 500L beer brewing equipment

500L beer brewing equipment has been shipped to France for customer use. The client opens a bar selling delicious beer. MICET insists that quality is the foundation of products, does not produce or sell substandard products, and produces exquisite products with the spirit of craftsmanship.

The following is the configuration content of the 500L beer system:

  • Malt miller 300kg/h
  • Auger 500kg/h
  • 500L 2 vessels brewhouse: lauter tank(motor rated power 1.1kw, CE certification, VFD control speed) &mash/kettle/whirlpool tank(stirring motor rated power 1.1kw, CE certification)
  • 1000L Hot liquor tank 
  • 6㎡ heat exchanger
  • 3m³/h pumps
  • 3*500L Fermentation tank
  • 1000L Glycol water tank 
  • 5HP Glycol chiller(Brand: KANSA)
  • 3m³/h glycol pump
  • CIP tank 100L*2
  • PLC stainless steel control cabinet
  • Can filling and capping machine
  • Manual bottle filling and capping machine
  • Labeling Machine

Get a turnkey solution for craft breweries

If you are ready to open a craft brewery, you can contact us. Micet Craft’s engineers will provide you with a list of craft brewery equipment and related prices. Of course, we can also provide you with professional turnkey brewery solutions, allowing you more time to focus on brewing delicious beer. Micet Craft very much hope to cooperate with you, my friend!

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