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How is non-alcoholic beer brewed?

How is non-alcoholic beer brewed?

Non-alcoholic beer is brewed using one of four main methods: controlled fermentation, dealcoholization, dilution, or simulated fermentation. In all four cases, brewers used standard beer ingredients to maintain the familiar hoppy beer taste without adding alcohol. It’s not changes in our drinking habits that have increased demand for light and no-alcohol beers. The quality and selection of non-alcoholic beer have also increased due to innovations in production methods.

Controlled fermentation

Controlled fermentation is the most common method of producing alcohol-free beer. Sometimes it’s called “arrested fermentation”. the It involves fermenting beer to regular alcoholic beer, but stopping the fermentation process before reaching the conclusion of normal alcohol production. This is accomplished by ensuring that the wort temperature does not exceed 60°F. This means that the yeast does not produce alcohol during the process. The result is a low-alcohol or no-alcohol beer.
Controlled fermentation

How is alcohol-free beer brewed?


Alcoholic beer is brewed in the traditional way by dealcoholization.The alcohol is then removed using methods such as steam distillation, steam or stripping, or reverse osmosis.


Dilution involves adding water to the finished leaded beer to reduce the alcohol content by diluting it with water.The amount of water added depends on the alcohol content of the original beer, but is usually around 10%. This means that if your beer has an ABV (alcohol content by volume) of 5%, diluting it with 10% water will reduce its ABV to 4%.This can be done before or after fermentation.

steam distillation

Alcohol has a lower boiling point than water. This means that the alcohol can be removed from the beer by heating it.One problem with this is that many of the flavors are removed along with the alcohol. Heating the beer will also “cook” it, affecting the taste left behind.
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