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Romania 1000L brewery project

Romania 1000L brewery project

Recently, Micet Craft installed 1000L of brewery equipment in Romania. This is a 3 vessel brewing system. Of course, we also equip customers with fermentation tanks and bright tanks.
Romania 1000L brewery project-1
Romania 1000L brewery project-2
The beer brewery system with 3 vessels of 1000L fermenter is suitable for small and medium-sized breweries. Also, Micet Craft’s brewery equipment is easy to operate and has a small footprint. The beer has a high yield and a good taste. Micet Craft is a professional manufacturer of high-end brewery equipment. We have installed brewery equipment in many places around the world. We can provide you with a turnkey solution. Of course, this can be customized and produced according to your requirements. Micet Craft insists on producing high-end brewery equipment. We install strict quality control and testing during production and can provide customers with test reports.
Romania 1000L brewery project-3
If you have an idea to start your own brewery project, you can contact us at any time. Our engineers will provide you with the most professional answer. Of course, it will also provide you with a turnkey solution. Look forward to working with you!
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