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1000L Brewery Equipment In Romania

1000L Brewery Equipment In Romania

Recently, Micet Craft installed new brewery equipment in Romania. Its capacity is 1000L. Micet Craft has been manufacturing high-quality beer equipment. We specialize in manufacturing high-end brewery equipment. If you want to know more about brewery equipment, please contact our engineers. We will make every customer satisfied with the quality and service of our beer equipment.
This is a 1000L brewery equipment with an electric steam boiler heater. 1000L 2 vessel brewhouse system includes 1000L mash-lauter tun, 1000L boiling-whirlpool tun, 4 * 1000L units fermenters, and 1 * 2000L ice water tank.
This is the true evaluation from our customers:
I am very satisfied with the order, the equipment is top-notch, no problems at al The seller was very helpful and responsive whenever I had any questions.
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If you want to get a quotation and list of equipment related to brewery equipment, please contact us. Our engineers will provide you with this help. Of course, we will also provide you with a turnkey solution.

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