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1000L kombucha equipment in France



Kombucha fermenter has been making waves as the latest go-to health beverage, which is made by fermenting sweetened tea with starter kombucha and Scoby, or symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. 1000l kombucha equipment is a 304 stainless steel cylindrical tank with a dished head and bottom, some fermenters have an open flat top. Usually, it needs a glycol cooling jacket to cool temperature for yeast sediment.

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Micet Craft’s engineers are committed to providing customized turnkey kombucha brewery solutions for every customer. Next, we will introduce the detailed configuration of this set of kombucha equipment:

  • Crushing system: one 300kg/h grinder; one 1.25m³ powder bin with a humidifier; one 1m³ pipe chain conveying
  • Mashing system: 1 set 1000L Kettle/Whirlpool tank, electric heating; 1 set 3000L hot water tank, electric heating also needs to be jacketed; 1 set 20m² heat exchanger; 1 set 5 tons rotary sinking pump; 5 tons heat 1set pump with frequency conversion
  • Fermentation tank: 3 pieces for 1000L fermentation tank; 1 piece for 2000L fermentation tank
  • Refrigeration system: 1 set 3000L ice water tank; 1 set 15HP refrigerator; 1 set 10-ton ice water pump
  • Hot ethylene glycol system: 1 set 50L hot ethylene glycol tank; 1 set 5-ton pump; 1 set flow meter; 1 set hop filter
  • One PID control cabinet: floor-standing, stainless steel, Danfoss inverter, Anton Instrument, Schneider Electric parts with CE certification
  • Water treatment system: 1 piece of 1000L/h reverse osmosis pure water treatment; 1 piece of 2000L pure water tank; 1 set of 3 tons pure water pump
  • Additional required pipes, valves, elbows, etc.

turnkey solution for kombucha breweries

If you are planning to start a kombucha business, we would like to help design and build the whole kombucha brewing equipment including kombucha tea mixing tank with blending, kombucha fermentation vessels with open top and automatic open lid, kombucha flavor blending tank, etc.

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