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Automatic Beer Machine

automatic beer machine

automatic beer machine allow homebrewers and microbreweries to produce high quality craft beer with minimal effort. These integrated, automated systems handle the entire brewing process from mashing and lautering to fermentation and carbonation.

Overview of automatic beer machine Equipment

Automatic beer machines streamline the complex beer production process into an easy “set and forget” system. Key benefits include:

  • Hands-free operation – The system handles all brewing tasks automatically once ingredients are loaded.
  • Schedule brews – Built-in timers allow scheduling brews for future dates.
  • Precision control – Temperature probes and sensors ensure optimal conditions are maintained.
  • Space saving – All-in-one systems have a small footprint fitting tight spaces.
  • Simplified cleaning – Automated cleaning cycles reduce manual sanitizing labor.

Table 1: Types of Automatic Beer Brewing Systems

System TypeDescription
All-GrainPerforms full mash with grains to extract sugars
ExtractBrews from malt extract syrups
FermentationFocuses on fermentation stage only
automatic beer machine

automatic beer machine Equipment Buying Guide

When selecting an automated beer brewery, key factors to consider include:

Table 2. Automatic Beer Machine Capacity, Design and Customization

Batch size1 to 30 gallons
ConstructionStainless steel or plastic
ConfigurationsSingle-vessel, 2-vessel, 3-vessel, 4-vessel
CustomizationModify lids, add-ons, upgrades

Batch Size – Select capacity to fit your brewing needs. Larger systems allow higher volume production.

Construction – Stainless steel offers durability while plastic is affordable. Steel is easier to maintain and keep sanitized.

Configurations – More vessels allow isolating functions but increase system complexity. All-in-one vessels simplify the process with integrated components.

Customization – Many systems offer upgrades like additional ports, enhanced heating elements, glycol chilling, automation addons and fermentation accessories.

Suppliers and Prices of automatic beer machine

A wide selection of turnkey automated systems are available from various manufacturers:

Table 3: Auto-Brewing Machine Suppliers and Price Ranges

BrandPrice Range
Picobrew$200 – $1700
Brewie$1990 – $2490
MINIBREW$2400 – $4000
Speidel$2000 – $6000
Blichmann$4500 – $7200

Prices vary based on capacity, construction and features. Entry-level machines cost a few hundred dollars while pro-grade stainless steel systems with advanced automation can cost several thousand.

Installing and Operating an automatic beer machine

Table 4. Automatic Beer Machine Installation, Operation and Maintenance

Installation– Unpack equipment
– Clean interior surfaces
– Insert washers, filters and screens
– Connect hoses, fittings and controller
Operation– Fill water reservoir
-Weigh/grind grains
– Load grain basket
– Select recipe and press start to begin automated production
– Schedule brews– Use controller to pick future date & time
Maintenance– Backflush the system after brews
– Perform deep clean using provided cleaner
– Replace filters, gaskets and washers as needed
– Tighten fittings
– Descale as necessary

The all-in-one nature of these machines make them easy to use even for amateurs. Simply reviewing the equipment manual and operating procedures is sufficient training for most homebrewers.

Selecting the Right Automated Beer Brewing Manufacturer

With many brands in the market, use the following criteria when selecting an equipment supplier:

Table 5: How to Choose an Automated Brewing Machine Brand

Build qualityDurability of fabrication; Cleanability; Food-grade rating
Ease of useIntuitive controls and automation features
Customer supportAvailability for troubleshooting help
CertificationsUL, ETL, NSF-certified for safety
ReputationCustomer reviews and brewing community feedback
WarrantyAt least 12 months of repair or replacement coverage

Select recognizable brands with a reputation for quality products backed by strong customer service.

Pros vs Cons of Automated Brewing Systems

Table 6. Comparison of Automated and Manual Beer Production

Automated– Hands-free operation
– Schedule brew sessions
– Consistent results
– Space saving
– Multiple brewing profiles
– High equipment cost
– Maintenance requirements
– Constrained batch size
Manual– Very low start-up cost
– Customize every batch
– Creative freedom
– Expandable
– Time consuming
– Labor intensive
– Variable results
– Extensive practice required

While automated systems simplify the intricate brewing process substantially, manual brewing provides creative flexibility and control over unique recipes. Combining both methods gives homebrewers and microbrewers the best of both approaches.

automatic beer machine


Table 7. Common Queries on Purchasing an Automatic Beer Machine

Are automatic beer makers worth buying?Automated brewing systems can produce consistent quality results comparable to commercial operations with very little effort, making them well worth the price for serious hobbyists and microbreweries.
Can I expand an entry-level machine’s capacity later?Several affordable “starter” machine options like the Picobrew Pico C or Brewie allow expansion to larger batch sizes later by upgrading to their higher capacity units that leverage your existing equipment.
How complex is the assembly process?Most automatic beer machines are designed for easy setup by non-professionals with no specialized tools required beyond pliers or a wrench to attach accessories in some cases. Detailed manuals provide step-by-step guidance.
What maintenance does an automated brewery need?Proper cleaning using provided chemicals and period descaling based on brew frequency are key to maximizing an automated beer machine’s lifespan. Gaskets and filters will need replacement after prolonged use.

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