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How to design a brewery

How to design a brewery?

With the continuous development of the craft beer business, more and more people are considering opening their own breweries and the sales methods involved. Now is the time for the rapid growth of the craft beer business. We are very happy that people’s enthusiasm for the craft beer industry continues to grow. New ideas and concepts full of creativity are constantly emerging, and the flavor types of craft beer have also been greatly developed.
Many people ask us for help, they need to design, build and install their brewery. Some of our customers are experts in craft beer brewing. They have many years of experience in the operation of brewery equipment and have a unique understanding of craft beer brewing recipes. They will fully convey the ideas and requirements of the brewing equipment to us, and we will help him complete the production and manufacturing of the brewing equipment. Customers who don’t know much about beer brewing will help them determine their needs from the scale, layout, and design of the brewery. Finally, provide them with installation services. This is also the specific content of the turnkey solution. The following is the content that must be provided when opening a brewery. We are happy to help you with your brewing business.
Brewery turnkey solution

Brewery scale

Let’s start from the ground up, the first step in building our own craft brewery is to make a decision about scale. You need to consider the following 3 questions:
  1. What is the area of your brewery?
  2. What are your monthly or annual production goals?
  3. What is your budget for opening the brewery?
The answers to these questions will help us determine which brewing system is more suitable for your needs. The following factors will directly affect the scale of your beer brewing equipment:
  • The volume of each batch
  • Equipment cost
  • Human resources
  • Construction area
  • Expansion ability
  • Degree of automation
  • Brewing batches every day
After determining these factors that affect the size of the brewery, we will provide you with suggested brewery equipment and other accessories to help you achieve the largest brewing goals with the least budget.
Brewery layout

Brewery layout

You need to tell the area and size of your brewery. This is how we roughly understand the size of your brewery. It can help us determine the placement of your equipment and adjust the placement according to your requirements. The correct layout will have a huge impact on your brewing efficiency, beer quality, and atmosphere. When designing your brewery layout, we will consider many factors, the priority is:

Lower the cost

We will take many measures to help you reduce the design cost of the brewery. This is the benefit of well-designed and streamlined brewery management. When you buy second-hand brewery equipment, there is no such benefit. We will adjust some small details during the brewing process. Over time, these small details will have an important impact on reducing costs.
These are some of our methods:
  • Design the layout of the brewery according to the flow of the brewing process to help improve brewing efficiency, and repeat redundant tasks and actions on the ice surface;
  • Design the size and height of the brewery equipment according to the size of the brewery space to get better flow and expansion;
  • Plan the extra space in advance, which will save the cost of redesigning the layout when expanding in the future;
  • Try to place the bright tank in the sales area close to the bar, so that the cost for cooling and insulation of the beer production line will be reduced;
  • According to your local situation, choose the appropriate heating method: direct heating, steam heating, and electric heating;
  • Design the brewery equipment according to your brewing needs, so that you can brew more types of craft beer;

Maintain quality through cleaning

We will recommend the most effective equipment cleaning measures based on the characteristics of your brewery equipment. The design of the brewery equipment needs to be cleaned quickly, easily, and effectively. This way your beer will not be contaminated during the brewing process, saving you time and money, and ensuring the quality of the final product.
When we design your brewery layout, we will construct easy-to-clean design aspects in advance. Also, we will consider the most effective placement of different equipment in each room and the best way to clean the inside of pipes and tanks.

Energy efficiency

When designing the layout of a brewery, energy efficiency needs to be considered. Energy efficiency plays a key role in saving energy costs. For instance:
  • Shortening the distance between brewing processes means reducing the amount of pumping required. Less pumping means less energy required;
  • Establish a heat recovery system when designing the layout of the brewery to ease the reuse of heat and reduce heat loss and consumption;
  • Place utilities near the tank to reduce the operation of the pipeline and possible energy loss;
  • These are some of the energy-saving measures we can take. When we negotiate with you, we will make a customized design based on your personal situation and energy goals.


With the continuous development of the craft beer business, the beauty of the brewery has also become a major factor. Sometimes, the beauty of brewery equipment is as important as the quality of craft beer. This means that aesthetics is becoming more and more important to brewers, and craft beer production equipment can also serve as tourist attractions.
We consider the brand image in this process, and excellent craft brewers pay special attention to this. They hope to reflect their identity in the surrounding buildings and build a craft beer brand. This means that when designing brewery equipment, we must meet the needs of daily operations and meet the aesthetic design.

Brewery design

When entering the design of the brewery, we have discussed and considered many aspects. But, there are a series of new things to consider when designing an integrated design.
  • Do you brew on-site at the beer bar?
  • Does the layout of the brewery need to allow a lot of traffic?
  • Where do you store brewing materials?
As the foundation of commercial brewing, the efficient and safe design of the brewery space is of paramount importance. The content that needs to be incorporated into the brewery design includes:
  • Height and width of brewery equipment
  • Logistic necessities (the design of the space should allow you to efficiently place all equipment and accommodate the equipment needed to move materials, such as a forklift)
  • Anchoring platform columns and tank legs
  • Brewing problem (clean, reliable water source is a must)
  • Even water pressure (for necessary washing and saccharification)
  • Filtration system
  • Temperature consistency
  • Contamination (one of the most common problems. We usually specify high-quality 304 or 316 stainless steel because it makes cleaning easier)
  • Correctly dispose of emissions from brewing operations
  • Drainpipe
  • Floor
  • Insulation
  • Expansion plan

Brewery equipment production

Now, it’s time to build your brewery equipment. This is the most exciting stage of the whole process. The first thing we did was to use CAD to design the drawings of the equipment. We will draw every device on the drawing and show every little detail. According to scale, the drawings will be drawn and will eventually show exactly what the brewery looks like in real life. We will communicate with customers and constantly improve the content of the drawings to ensure that they are satisfied and agree to start manufacturing.
We use 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, or copper to produce beer brewing equipment according to customers’ brewing goals and preferences. We will produce our equipment with the highest production standards. Because the quality of the equipment has a huge impact on your product and the success of the brewery. We must ensure that there are no conditions in which bacteria can grow inside the tank. From the steel used to welding and polishing standards, you can expect the best and highest quality.
fermentation tank

Brewery equipment installation

This stage may be a little scary for some customers, which is why you will need us, we will help you at every step. The most important thing in the installation process of brewery equipment is preparation. Before the equipment arrives, it is necessary to make sure that electricity, water, pipes, etc. are ready. If these are all up and running normally, then the installation of brewery equipment will become faster and easier.
We want to help you make the installation as easy as possible, so we usually send a professional engineer to help you. Now, due to the epidemic, our engineers may not be able to be there to help you with the installation. But, he can provide you with the most complete installation support online. Also, there will be digital signs on our pipelines, just like the Tetris game, you only need to connect the numbers to complete the installation.
brewery equipment
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Get a turnkey solution
The content introduced above is part of the turnkey solution we provide you. We know that you are eager to start the brewing business as soon as possible, so we will work hard to help you get into craft beer production as soon as possible. When you are brewing beer, you can consult us if you encounter any problems. We can even help you develop new craft beer recipes because your success is our success. We hope to see more craft breweries flourish. If you plan to start a commercial brewing plan, you can contact us directly. Micet Craft is very happy to provide you with a complete turnkey solution!

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