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What is Wort Oxygenation?

What is Wort Oxygenation?

Yeast needs oxygen to function well. More oxygen in the wort leads to better fermentation. Adequate oxygen levels ensure yeast growth and reproduction during fermentation. This will prevent stress yeast. Stressed yeast can cause off-flavors. Not enough oxygen in the wort can also lead to poor fermentation. Avoiding these pitfalls will lead to a better beer.

When to Oxygenate Wort?

Oxygen plays a subtle role in beer. Must to fermentation but should be avoided before and after. The wort can only be aerated after it has cooled to pitch temperature.
What is Wort Oxygenation?

What is Wort Oxygenation?

Aeration is the injection of oxygen into the wort during brewing, usually after cooking and cooling but before fermentation. The effect of boiling the wort is to remove most of the oxygen in the solution. But, the rapid growth of yeast in the wort, i.e. in the “log phase” (i.e. late in fermentation or after beer has fermented), requires a lot of oxygen. Without enough oxygen, the yeast cannot reproduce , nor can it ferment.

How to Control the Oxygenation of Cold Wort ?

Oxygenation of cold wort seems to be a very simple process, but the control of the way and amount of oxygenation of wort will affect the normal fermentation of yeast, the smoothness of the production process, the quality stability, and flavor characteristics of beer products wait.

Control of wort oxygenation

The amount of oxygenation of the wort is controlled according to the yeast strain used and the oxygen demand of the fermentation process.
the Different yeast strains and fermentation states have different degrees of oxygen demand. The conventional practice is to control the dissolved oxygen in cold wort at 5-8mg/L, and make necessary adjustments according to the actual needs of yeast propagation, generally rarely exceeding 10mg/L.
Oxygenation of wort is generally controlled by oxygen flow, pressure, time and oxygenation equipment during oxygenation.

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