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large beer brewery equipment

100L home brewing equipment waiting to be shipped to Australia

Some bright tanks and one set home brewery system is ready to Australia.This project adopts the integration of 100L mashing system, with 2 fermentation tanks with an effective volume of 100L.As an excellent manufacturer of home beer brewery equipment in China, we have developed and designed the miniature brewing beer equipment for home brewers based on the advanced technology of Germany.We create new and unexpected possibilities, providing customized solutions for your future! MICET, your reliable partner of brewing equipment.
Main configurations of 100L home brewing equipment:
  • 100L single-layer brewhouse: brewhouse filtration/boiling vortex/hot water
  • Fermentation system: 2*100L fermentation tanks/1*100L bright tank
  • 1HP chiller with UL and small water tank
  • Wall-mounted control with UL
  • 1 ton mobile pump with UL
Get a turnkey solution for brewery equipment
If you plan to open or expand the brewery, you can contact Micet Craft directly. Our engineers will design and manufacture brewery equipment according to your brewing process. Of course, we will also provide you with a complete turnkey solution. Also, if you plan to expand the brewery, we will provide you with customized solutions.

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