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British 6600L fermentation tank completed

British 6600L fermentation tank completed

Here are two customized fermenters that we customized. If you want to add some of your own accessories to the fermenter, such as temperature and liquid level sensors, digital thermometers, etc., we can reserve ports on the fermenter, and you can install the accessories After receiving the fermenter. If you want to expand the brewery or increase the production batch, welcome to contact micet! We provide professional technical support and customized services.
The main configuration of 6600L fermenter:
  • SUS304
  • 25% head space
  • 60 °cone
  • Dual dimpled cooling jacket
  • Dry hops adding port
  • Rotation racking arm
  • CIP cleaning balls
  • Pressure gauge
  • sewage outlet
  • side manway
  • Ladder
Get a turnkey solution for brewery equipment
If you plan to open or expand the brewery, you can contact Micet Craft directly. Our engineers will design and manufacture brewery equipment according to your brewing process. Of course, we will also provide you with a complete turnkey solution. Also, if you plan to expand the brewery, we will provide you with customized solutions.

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