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The 500L distillation equipment is composed of a pot made of copper, glass, and copper columns, a partial condenser, a condenser, a CIP pump, etc. They are heated using steam or electricity. Distillery Equipment is a unit that meets and exceeds the needs of start-up distilleries and can be used as advanced test distillery equipment for established distilleries such as Whiskey, Gin, Fruit Brandy, Rum, Wine Spirits, and more. Micet Craft provides a complete distillation process system. Micet also provides stainless steel tanks such as mixing tanks, storage tanks, fermentation tanks, and mash tanks.

500L distillation equipment specifications

  • Inner pot:TP2 red copper
  • Dished head: TP2 red copper      
  • Heating method: steam heating; 50KG/H
  • 4 bubble trays with 5 sight glasses TP2 red copper,
  • SUS304 Gin Basket, Condenser;
  • CIP pump
  • SUS304 Support frame
  • SUS304 Control box

500L distillation equipment configuration

500L Still Pot

  • Total volume:550 Litres
  • Working volume: 500 Litres
  • Inner pot:TP2 red copper, 3mm thick
  • Dished head: TP2 red copper, 3mm thick
  • Steam jacket:SUS304,4 mm thick
  • Outer shell: SUS304 Fish wave plate; 2mm thick;
  • Insulation: 50mm
  • Accessories: φ350 glass man hole, pressure relief valve, thermometer, sight light(24v),cleaning ball,drain valve,steam inlet, steam trap,0.37KW stirring

Copper helmet

Material: TP2 red copper, 3mm thick

Alcohol pipeline

Material: SUS304, 1.5mm thick

Distill column

  • Material:TP2 red copper,thickness:3mm
  • Size:DN250*960mm
  • 4 bubble trays with 5 sight glasses,each layer has a cleaning ball,copper bubble caps,check valves, liquid level adjustment levers
  • Attached reflux device,  thermometer


  • Material:SUS304,thickness:3mm
  • Size: DN250*300mm
  • With cooling water inlet and outlet,thermometer,cleaning ball

SUS304 Gin Basket

  • Material:SUS304, 3mm thick
  • Size: DN250*700mm
  • With φ100 sight glass,φ250 pressure Manhole,cleaning ball,Copper filter basket


  • Material:SUS304, thickness: 3mm
  • Size: DN250*1000mm
  • With cooling water inlet and outlet, thermometer,cleaning ball

Wine mouth

Material: TP2 red copper with sight glass

CIP pump

  • Material: Stainless steel SUS304
  • With 1.5KW explosion proofing Pump(CE),
  • Clean the still inner pot, whisky helmet, columns,dephlegmators,gin basket,condenser

500L distillation equipment specifications

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If you are planning to open a distillery and need 500L distillery equipment, please contact us. Micet Craft will design and provide a complete distillation system for you according to your budget, and we will provide you with a complete turnkey service, giving you more time to delve into winemaking techniques.

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