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Microbrewery project in Canada

Microbrewery project in Canada

Our microbrewery project in Canada has been installed. This is a 5bbl 2 vessel brewing system. This is a great beer production line. They have started brewing beer for the first time, and I am very grateful for their support to the Micet Craft team.
Our clients start inquiries via email and telephone. The Micet Craft team provided them with a good communication experience. Of course, we also provided them with a customized brewery system layout and storage tank drawings. We have been providing customers with turnkey solutions for breweries.
Microbrewery project in Canada-1
Microbrewery project in Canada-2
Microbrewery project in Canada-3
Microbrewery project in Canada-4
If you also want to have a beer brewing system, you can always contact our technical staff. They will provide you with the best brewery turnkey solutions.

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