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1500L Brewery Project in Argentina

1500L Brewery Project in Argentina

We are about to install 1500L brewery equipment in Argentina. This set of equipment includes 2 vessel brewing systems, a 3000L hot water heating tank, and four 1500L fermentation tanks. Of course, it also includes a 1500L bright tank and a 3000L Glycol water tank. Finally, there is an 8HP glycol chiller, CIP, and controlling cabinet.
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Thank you very much for your support to the Micet Craft team. Ramiro De Diego is very satisfied with our pre-sales consulting service. We provided him with a very complete consulting service. We recommend suitable products according to his needs and budget. Also, we helped him design the layout of the beer equipment.
He is very satisfied with our production and delivery process. After signing the order, whether it is design drawings or quality control in production, the Micet team will do its best to meet customer needs.
This also shows that the Micet Craft team is very enthusiastic and efficient. We put customer satisfaction first. Micet Craft is an efficient team. The coordination of our various departments can be very good. So to provide customers with faster and high-quality beer equipment.
This is the true evaluation of our customers.
Well, it has been a long way to this day, isn’t it? Great about all the work that not only you but the whole Micet team has done. Now we will have a lot of work over here, first building the brewery and then installing all the equipment! I want to thank you! because of all the efforts, you have done to meet us as customers. Thanks, my friend! There is no doubt you are the best seller! Keep doing it that well!!

Micet Craft has been working hard to provide customers with turnkey solutions for breweries. Customer satisfaction is our driving force. If you interested in learning about the brewery project, please feel free to contact us. You need to tell us your requirements. For example, daily output, budget. Our engineers will contact you and provide you with a turnkey solution.

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