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Belgium 500L brewing equipment completed

Micet According to customer requirements, there is an independent 1000L tank on the left side of the brewery, equipped with two heat exchangers (4㎡ double plate heat exchanger + 3㎡ single tube heat exchanger). It is also equipped with a corresponding fermentation system. Under reasonable conditions, we can design and produce any beer brewing equipment you want to meet your requirements.
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The main configuration of 500L brewing system:
  • Malt miller 300kg/h
  • 500L 2 tanks 3 vessels brewhouse: 500L Mash&Lauter tun+500L Whirlpool tank+1000L Kettle tun
  • 1000L Hot water tank
  • 4㎡ double plate heat exchanger + 3㎡ single tube heat exchanger
  • 5m³/h pumps
  • Hops inline filter
  • Oxygenate device
  • Skid-mounted work platform
  • 3*500L Fermentation tank
  • 1*1000L Fermentation tank
  • 1000L Glycol water tank
  • 5HP Chiller
  • PID control cabinet
Get a turnkey solution for brewery equipment
If you plan to open or expand the brewery, you can contact Micet Craft directly. Our engineers will design and manufacture brewery equipment according to your brewing process. Of course, we will also provide you with a complete turnkey solution. Also, if you plan to expand the brewery, we will provide you with customized solutions.

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