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Industrial brewing equipment system

Industrial brewing equipment system

The popularity of industrial brewing equipment has grown in recent years. Demand for industrial beer brewing systems skyrocketed as brewers and beer enthusiasts turned their passion into business opportunities. These systems enable entrepreneurs to expand their brewing capabilities and produce larger quantities of beer for distribution and sale.

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What is an industrial brewing equipment system?

Industrial brewing equipment refers to the large systems and machinery used by commercial breweries to produce beer. The equipment enables breweries to increase production and automate processes.

The main types are as follows:

  • mash tun
  • Brewing kettle
  • Fermentation tank
  • Bright beer cans
  • Keg filling machine
  • Control system

What is an industrial brewing equipment system?

Components of industrial beer brewing systems

  1. Mashing tun: The mash tun is where the mashing process takes place, converting the starch in the malted grains into fermentable sugars. It is a vessel with a false bottom or manifold system used to separate the liquid wort from the solid chaff.
  2. Brew kettle: The brew kettle is where the wort is boiled and hops are added to give the beer bitterness, flavor, and aroma. It is often equipped with features such as steam jackets or heating elements for precise temperature control.
  3. Fermenter: The fermentation vessel is where yeast is added to the wort to start the fermentation process. These vessels come in various sizes and shapes, such as conical fermenters, open fermenters, or integrated fermenters.
  4. Cooling system: The cooling system reduces the temperature of the boiled wort after it leaves the brewing kettle. Proper cooling is essential to achieve the desired characteristics of your beer.
  5. Control panel: The control panel is the brain of the brewing system, managing and regulating various processes such as temperature, time, and flow. An advanced control panel provides automation to make brewing more efficient and consistent.

Industrial beer brewing process

  • Milling: Use a mill to grind malted barley into malt.
  • Mashing: Malt powder is mixed with hot water in a mash filter to extract fermentable sugars.
  • Filtering: Separating sweet liquid wort from grains.
  • Boiling: The wort and hops are boiled in the brewing kettle.
  • Cooling: Hop wort is cooled.
  • Fermentation: Yeast is added to the fermenter to convert sugar into alcohol.
  • Conditioning: Draft beer is carbonated and cleared of particles.
  • Packaging: Finished beer is put into kegs, bottles, or cans.

Industrial breweries use customized equipment sized for their desired capacity:



Annual beer production capacity

1,000 – 10+ million barrels

Mash filter capacity

500 – 10,000 kg/batch

Brew kettle size

500 to 5,000 barrel batches

Fermentation tank size

100 to 3,000 barrels each

Bright beer tank size

500 to 5,000 barrels each

Components of industrial beer brewing systems

How to choose an industrial brewing system?

  • Production scale: The size of the brewing operation plays an important role in determining a suitable brewing system. Check your production goals and decide whether you plan to brew for personal use, local distribution, or on a larger commercial scale.
  • Budget: Budget is an important factor when choosing a brewing system. Different systems have different costs, from affordable home brewing equipment to more expensive industrial systems. Consider your financial constraints and focus on your needs , making sure you divide funds for both essential components and extra accessories.
  • Space limitations: The space available for setting up your brewing system will affect your choice. Some systems, such as nano and home brewing equipment, need very little space and are suitable for small-scale operations or personal use.
  • Flexibility and customization: Your brewing system should adapt to your changing needs and preferences. When choosing a system, consider its flexibility for recipe adjustments, ingredient substitutions, and scalability. A versatile brewing system will allow you to improve your brewing skills and experiment with a variety of techniques and styles.
  • Quality and Consistency: The quality and consistency of the final product are critical to success in the brewing industry. Choose a brewing system that allows you to maintain tight control over brewing conditions such as temperature, pressure, and fermentation to ensure high-quality beer every time.
  • Easy to use and maintain: A brewing system is crucial, especially for beginners or small-scale operations with limited personnel. Consider the ease of operation and maintenance of your brewing equipment, including cleaning procedures, assembly, and . A simple yet efficient system will save time and reduce potential errors during the brewing process.
  • Support and after-sales service: A reliable brewing system should be backed by responsive customer support and after-sales service. Research the manufacturer’s reputation and their customer service policies to ensure they offer help, guidance, and technical support when needed.

Industrial brewing equipment solutions

  1. Based on mature brewery technology, provide professional brewing solutions for brewers
  2. Proven track record of increasing production and reducing water and energy consumption
  3. Flexibility allows you to respond to new trends in the brewing industry
  4. A global service network of dedicated brewing experts to provide you with process expertise, spare parts, and commercial brewing equipment support.

Micet industrial brewing solutions, from individual components and process modules to turnkey projects, are designed and manufactured to provide tight control of your brewing process while giving you flexibility and helping you brew exceptional beer.
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