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500l brewing system

500L brewing system shipped to Zimbabwe

Recently, Micet Craft provided Zimbabwe customers with a complete 500L brewing system turnkey solution. Our technical team and sales staff have been providing customers with free pre-sales consultation and actively answering every customer’s question. Customers focus on every detail of the brewery equipment, and we are also trying our best to make every detail of

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2BBL Nano brewery equipment

2BBL Nano Brewery Equipment in Guam

Today, the Micet Craft team installed a set of 2BBL nano brewery equipment in Guam. This is very small brewery equipment, and our customers use it as a pilot brewing system. When you have a good brewing idea, you can first use the pilot brewing system to brew small batches. If there is a gap

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5BBL turnkey brewery in Canada

5BBL Turnkey Brewery In Canada

Recently, the technical team of Micet Craft provided customers with a complete set of 5BBL turnkey brewery solutions in Canada. Our technical team is actively answering all related questions for customers from the determination of customer needs to the final installation and commissioning. Customers are very satisfied with our brewery equipment and turnkey service. This

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500L turnkey brewery in France

500L Turnkey Brewery In France

500L BREWERY Micet Craft provided Microbrasserie La Compagnie with a complete 500L turnkey brewery solution in France. La Compagnie is a community of proud and sincere people who firmly believe that beer will be better with good company! In the relaxed atmosphere of La Compagnie, you can gather with friends to chat, laugh, and drink

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15BBL brewery equipment in the USA

15BBL brewery equipment in the USA

Recently, Micet Craft built and installed a set of 15BBL brewery equipment in the United States. This set of equipment is custom-designed and manufactured for seven sons brewing company. This is a very beautiful set of equipment, it has a beautiful stainless steel appearance and professional design. Now, this set of brewery equipment has begun

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Turnkey brewery equipment in the US

Turnkey Brewery Equipment In The US

Micet Craft installed new brewery equipment in Cleveland, USA. This set of turnkey brewery equipment was installed for Immigrant Son Brewery. We have provided them with a complete turnkey solution, and Revy is very satisfied with our service. Originally, their project should have started in 2020, but because of the direct or indirect impact of

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500L craft brewery equipment in China

500L Commercia Brewery Equipment In China

500L COMMERCIAL BREWHOUSE EQUIPMENT Micet Craft installed a set of 500L craft brewhouse equipment in Yantai City, Shandong Province, China. Our customers have a lot of choices in China, but in the end, they chose us. This set of equipment uses a 500L two-vessel brewhouse and five 500L beer fermentation tanks. Of course, we also

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Leadfoot brewery

60BBL brewery equipment in Morocco

The Micet Craft team installed a complete set of 60BBL brewery equipment for Leadfoot brewery in Morocco. The Micet Craft team has demonstrated professionalism from customer consultation to installation and has answered much relevant brewing knowledge for customers. The goal of Leadfoot brewery is to explore beer from all over the world and maintain the

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cassel brewery

15BBL brewery equipment in Canada

Micet Craft installed a set of 15BBL brewery equipment for our Canadian customer Cassel brewery. We are very happy to reach cooperate with them. Cassel Brewery was established in July 2019. They feature bars and provide consumers with food and entertainment experiences. The Cassel Brewery team is a team of dedicated and enthusiastic craft beer

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Installation of 15BBL Brewery Equipment in the UK

Installation of 15BBL Brewery Equipment in the UK

Micet Craft installed a set of 15BBL (2500L) brewery equipment in the UK. Micet Craft engineers provide customers with professional brewery design and complete turnkey solutions. Customers are very satisfied with our service. The following is a detailed list of this equipment: Grain Handling System Malt Miller Grist Case With Hydrator Screw Conveyor Brewhouse System

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