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The importance of cooling and glycol systems in craft breweries

The importance of cooling and glycol systems in craft breweries

Temperature control is very important in the beer brewing process. High-quality beer depends on many factors, the most important of which is beer flavor. The flavor of the beer is greatly affected by the fermentation temperature, so it is necessary to maintain the ideal temperature inside the brewing equipment during the brewing process. The consistency

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Top 5 considerations for choosing a craft brewery location

Top 5 considerations for choosing a craft brewery location

The craft beer industry is on an upward trajectory of explosive development. Around the world, a new craft brewery is opened every day on average. But, because of strict government regulations and high costs, it has become difficult to open a craft brewery. When opening a craft brewery, you will make many mistakes just like

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4 tips to make your brewery successful

4 tips to make your brewery successful

The decision to switch from an amateur craft beer enthusiast to operating a commercial brewery was a major decision. The craft beer market is booming, and of course, more people are entering the craft beer industry than ever before. According to data from the Brewers Association, as of the end of 2020, there are more

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What should I pay attention to when using beer brewing equipment

What should I pay attention to when using beer brewing equipment?

Brewing craft beer is very interesting, but you must use beer brewing equipment carefully. For beginners in the beer brewing process, it is necessary to understand some basic knowledge related to beer brewing in advance. The basic knowledge includes different sterilization procedures for beer brewing, boiling, cooling, fermentation, and final bottling or barreling. Also to

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2BBL Nano brewery equipment

2BBL Nano Brewery Equipment in Guam

Today, the Micet Craft team installed a set of 2BBL nano brewery equipment in Guam. This is very small brewery equipment, and our customers use it as a pilot brewing system. When you have a good brewing idea, you can first use the pilot brewing system to brew small batches. If there is a gap

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What should I pay attention to when brewing Lager beer

What should I pay attention to when brewing Lager beer?

According to beer sales, the most popular beer in the world today is Lager. Although most modern beer drinkers may have been brought to the beer world through Lager beer, most homebrewers may enter this hobby by brewing other styles of beer. Why are home brewers reluctant to brew Lager beer? There are many good

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What factors affect the degree of beer fermentation

What factors affect the degree of beer fermentation?

In recent years, the craft brewing industry has experienced vigorous development, and there are more and more craft beer bars. People’s love for craft beer is beyond imagination. The quality of craft beer depends largely on the fermentation process. If you want to brew high-quality craft beer, you must have a full and comprehensive understanding

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5BBL turnkey brewery in Canada

5BBL Turnkey Brewery In Canada

Recently, the technical team of Micet Craft provided customers with a complete set of 5BBL turnkey brewery solutions in Canada. Our technical team is actively answering all related questions for customers from the determination of customer needs to the final installation and commissioning. Customers are very satisfied with our brewery equipment and turnkey service. This

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500L turnkey brewery in France

500L Turnkey Brewery In France

500L BREWERY Micet Craft provided Microbrasserie La Compagnie with a complete 500L turnkey brewery solution in France. La Compagnie is a community of proud and sincere people who firmly believe that beer will be better with good company! In the relaxed atmosphere of La Compagnie, you can gather with friends to chat, laugh, and drink

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