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9 questions before opening a brewery

Micet Craft would like to share with you the questions we asked our customers about opening a brewery when we first chatted with them. The answers to these 9 questions provide us with the framework needed to understand the client’s project. Understanding and being able to answer these questions will be a good start for

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conical fermentation tank

Is the conical fermenter worth buying?

Traditionally, the conical fermentation tank is only suitable for professional brewers, and it is rarely used by homebrewers. We mainly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of conical fermentation tanks in commercial brewing to help you determine whether the conical fermentation tanks are worth buying. Is the conical fermenter worth buying? What conditions need to be met

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fermentation tank vs unitank

Bright Tank VS Unitank: Which To Choose?

Choosing the fermentation equipment is crucial, for any brewery. This article dives into the discussion on whether to use tanks or unitanks providing insights into their functions, benefits and considerations. With the rise of craft brewing understanding the details of each option can greatly impact the quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness of the brewing process.

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Use cold liquor tank to cool wort

Use cold liquor tank to cool wort—Pros & Cons

Today I decided to write an article about using a cold liquor tank (CLT) to cool wort. This is because our customers are always wondering whether or not to use CLT to cool wort. To let more winemakers understand the advantages and disadvantages of using CLT to cool down, the engineers of Micet Craft decided

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fermentation timeline

Beer fermentation stage-fermentation timeline

Beer fermentation is the core of the beer brewing process. During the fermentation process, the wort made from raw materials is transformed into beer by yeast. Fermentation is usually divided into four phases: lag phase, active phase, stationary phase, and conditioning phase. Fermentation is the process by which yeast produces all the alcohol, aroma, and

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Business growth challenges facing the brewing industry

Business growth challenges facing the brewing industry

The brewing industry has undergone several major changes recently. The explosive growth of the craft beer market and the addition of more and more new breweries have put pressure on craft breweries of all sizes. Moreover, the tastes of ordinary beer drinkers have become more complicated, and they will choose higher-quality beer. Competition in the

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Typical problems when opening a brewery

Typical problems when opening a brewery

What are the typical problems when ordering a brewery? This is the topic we need to discuss today so that you can study the requirements of brewery equipment more carefully. Each brewery’s equipment is different, but certain issues can be applied to most commercial brewing projects. Micet Craft believes that sharing some of these issues

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commercial brewing vs home brewing

The difference between commercial brewing and home brewing

Generally speaking, all beer is made using the same basic steps and ingredients. But, design some extra steps in the commercial brewing process that are not needed in home brewing. These more processes and steps are due to the equipment used by commercial breweries and the capacity required to brew beer. Because many different types

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Hop creep

Hop creep: causes, effects, and prevention

Hops Creep is not an outdoor children’s game, nor is it an annoying character lurking in a bar. Hop creep is a commonly used term that stands for excessive attenuation of dry hop beer. One might describe it as a sneaky, unwanted secondary fermentation. Hop creep can reduce gravity, trigger diacetyl peaks, and produce excess

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