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start the brewpub

9 follow-up questions to start the brewery

Every brewery project is always different, and there are many issues to consider when opening a brewery. The initial questions and answers will provide an outline for the brewery equipment manufacturer and guide the next project communication. In this article, Micet Craft will introduce the elements that are applicable to most brewing projects and will

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Benefits of boiling wort

Benefits of boiling wort

Boiling wort is one of the most critical and complex aspects of the brewing process. Many new whole-grain beer brewers read about the effects of different temperatures, mash thickness, and other aspects of boiling to understand what happens during the boiling process and how to deal with it. Boiling is one of the standard steps

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Why is Chinese brewing equipment so cheap

Why is Chinese brewing equipment so cheap?

We all know that breweries in many countries in the world purchase brewing equipment from China. The main factor is price. Chinese brewing equipment is 40% to 60% cheaper than similar equipment in the United States or Europe. But why is Chinese brewing equipment so cheap? Next, Micet Craft will explain this issue to everyone.

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buying brewing equipment from China

Tips for buying high-quality brewing equipment from China

Price is the main driving force for breweries to purchase brewing equipment from China. Setting up a brewery is an expensive business, and your biggest expenditure may be to buy brewery equipment for brewing beer. Many brewers are most concerned about: How to purchase brewing equipment from China? How to ensure that all accessories in

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How to buy chinese brewing equipment

How To Buy Chinese Brewing Equipment

The article ‘How To Buy Chinese Brewing Equipment’ is designed to provide all-round guidance for entrepreneurs and brewing fans who are interested in purchasing their brewing equipment from China. The paper takes the reader through the basics of brewing systems as well as international procurement and logistics complexities among others. Key Takeaways Know different types

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Setup cost of microbrewery

Setup cost of microbrewery

When it comes to the cost of setting up a microbrewery, the question is like “How long is a rope?” There is no very accurate answer. This is because the setup cost of a microbrewery has many influencing factors. Factors affecting the cost of setting up a microbrewery: These are just some of the considerations

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brewing process

Brewing Process Step-By-Step

Today, Micet Craft will discuss the different steps of the brewing process with you in stages, and explain each step, so that you can understand the entire brewing process more simply. To help you better understand the brewing process, I have made a small flow chart, which contains all the steps required to make beer.

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