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500L beer brewing equipment made for South African customers

500L beer brewing equipment for South African customers. 500L brewhouse system, 1000L fermentation system and 500L bright tank. The client opened a large restaurant in South Africa to brew and sell delicious beer. Micet helps clients fulfill their dream of becoming a winemaker. Micet has always insisted on quality first. If you are also interested

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Beer picks up in the off season, increasing demand

Beer picks up in the off-season, increasing demand

The World Cup not only ignited the enthusiasm of the fans but also drove the sales of beer orders. According to data from Meituan, on the opening day of the World Cup, China’s orders for beer, beverages, snacks, and fruits increased by 31% month-on-month and 27% year-on-year. According to data from, the turnover of

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how to start up a craft brewery

how to start up a craft brewery?

A clear plan is essential for success as an entrepreneur. It will help you map out the specifics of your business and discover some unknowns. Along with the engineers of micet, let’s take a look at several important issues that need to be considered. Table Of Contents What are the costs involved in opening a

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How much does it cost to build a taproom

How much does it cost to build a taproom?

If you already operate a brewery, starting a taproom is the logical next step to expand your business. But what is a taproom, and how do you start one? The Brewers Association defines a taproom as “a specialty brewery that sells 25 percent or more of its beer on-site and does not operate a significant

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Chilean 1000L Fermentation Tank

Chilean 1000L Fermentation Tank

The beer fermenter is one of the main equipment on the beer production line, used for early fermentation or late fermentation of beer brewing. The customer customized a 500L fermentation tank and a 1000L fermentation tank to make more delicious beer. Micet craft beer equipment is a professional and craftsman brand. Adhere to the principle

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How to choose grain conveyor system for your brewery

How to choose grain conveyor system for your brewery?

The transportation of malt has been used in the craft beer industry. Reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency to a certain extent, The degree of mechanization of the equipment is improved, which promotes industrial upgrading. The following is a brief description of the development history of transportation equipment and the precautions for selection, for

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1500L complete beer brewing system arrives in Dubai

1500L complete beer brewing system arrives in Dubai

The 1500L beer brewing system has been shipped to Dubai and is made of stainless steel. Customers have started brewing delicious beers. Micet provides a complete beer brewing system and professional technical support. Micet insists on quality as the basis and casting exquisite products with the spirit of craftsmanship. Previous Next The following is about

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The importance of water treatment equipment

Why is Water Treatment Equipment Important in Beer Brewing?

Brewing water is the most important raw material for beer equipment, so brewing water is also called “the blood of beer”. The particularity of the world-famous beer is determined by the respective brewing water, so the brewing water quality not only determines the quality and flavor of the product, but also directly affects the whole

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how to start up a craft brewery

how to start up a craft brewery?

Opening your own craft brewery is a lengthy process that requires a lot of time and investment. Opening a brewery will be the most exciting thing you will ever experience. With the support of the right resources and skills, building a craft brewery will be easier to succeed. Table Of Contents Getting Enough Funding for

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French 500L beer brewing equipment

French 500L beer brewing equipment

Previous Next 500L beer brewing equipment has been shipped to France for customer use. The client opens a bar selling delicious beer. MICET insists that quality is the foundation of products, does not produce or sell substandard products, and produces exquisite products with the spirit of craftsmanship. The following is the configuration content of the

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